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Wyatt AH

Retrospective look into how things were and how it has improved.
Less now about institutional provided and more about personal use. The BYOD thing
Past the tech was not up to scratch
Offered to send in some thoughts.
He was interesting because it was all looking vack and identifying how things have changed and I wonder if I should do that. It is important to know which institutions are doing what and which groups they belong to.
Wyatt sent me additional information:
(via email)
Hi Fiona,
As promised …
IT / Technology Decision Making – Additional relocations
University wide re-organisation – During one of the University wide reorganisations (not sure of timing but think it was in a move to a new Faculty/School structure), there was an opportunity to visit/comment and discuss some of the ‘business’ processes e.g. student life cycle Prospective student – Actual student - Alumni. Initially the opportunity was to help map out exactly what was taking place and by who and then to review. I recall massive, printed spreadsheets wrapping around a room in the library building. As I recall, although this was mainly directed at admin staff the invite went to all. I was one of the only academics within my school to attend the ‘open house’ opportunity.
Although this did not apparently directly have anything to do with IT and technology related I have a sense that this was the start of the institution taking a hard look at itself and, in terms of a developing organisational digital strategy, it must have provided a much clearer starting point for what followed.
Re-organisation of iSolutions - More recently, 4-5 years ago I think, when there was a re-organisation of the IT department, I was invited to a meeting (off campus in the town centre) to review the proposals with a host of others from the IT department – again few academics were there. There I was able to ‘speak up’ about the need to be attuned to student and visitors needs and to make processes very simple and easy to access. I believe but can’t be certain that I also asked for accessibility to be an embedded element of any reorganisation.
Subsequently, when a near final draft of the planned re-organisation was widely shared across the University, I lobbied hard because all Educational Technologist support was liable to be made redundant and in the plan there were no Educational Technologist roles at all. Subsequently, arrangements were put in place to ensure some opportunity for EdTechs to have a role.
I hope this is helpful.
Very best wishes
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