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Travis PL

Mon, Sep 5, 5:00 AM
Colleague of someone I know and is an academic member of staff at UK HEI. Teaches Computer Science for UG and PG as well as PhD supervision.
He started off telling me about his role which was interesting. He seemed supportive of the systems that he had been introduced to and he told me they had been given Aula and it was during covid. We talked about that decision and all he could tell me was that it was decided by Senior Staff at the University. “All of a sudden” we had a new system. There were problems with it but he was matter of fact about that. During our conversation I found it quite hard to get anything about disadvantaged students and whether or not there was adequate support in place. I mentioned that students need support if they were unaware of the kinds of systems that they were being asked to use but as his students were CS I expected that they were required to have a minimum spec. He was sure that there was good support for equipment but I wondered about the knowledge that students had about who owned the systems and how their data was used and he said that I was right they need to ensure students know about that
Got onto Data from systems and impact on his teaching. How that the data being analysed from a distant group in professional services made assumptions about the quality of his teaching as a result even if the system didnt work and was not the right tool. Because of the disconnect between his role and the role of the PSstaff who don’t teach they could be judging his ability when the system was wrong in the first place and that he was better off using the systems he had already but was unable to because they told him to use it (aganinst better judgement) etc
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