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Suzan AW

Acaademic, South HEI
October 3rd 2022
Discussed all topics. She said more by what she referred to rather than by when she answered the questions. Her take on some things was useful as she really wanted to learn from the questions I was asking. She knew that she had to follow certain practices and she told me that they used Teams for recording lectures which I thought was interesting as how they connected the cameras was a mystery to me.
Again, all Office 365, she was aware of the students that she had in terms of commuter students and how they had to struggle. I also noted that the systems that they had in X were not as old as a previous institution. They had got Canvas recently but again the decisions are not made with reference to academic staff. They don’t do any kind of thorough analysis of what they are teaching and then offer support to enhance that. They are told what they can use. She was aware of APP but not how it was evaluated but because it is a small university she was able to contact various WP team members and has been the contact to speak to prospective students.
She was not aware of how much support was offered before coming to X. So there is a disconnect.
Mentioned lack of agency
I also wondered how remote the IT people were in terms of the implementing the systems. She mentioned that students were given access to laptops as they are doing computer science and so they need to have access to various software (security etc) so that was interesting. And Winchester have a lot of different support in place as they are aware of the kinds of students they have.
Networks were more important externally when she was a PhD student and not as much now she is teaching. Turned inwards, which I think is why she was so keen to speak to me again.
No mention of the use of data and how she accessed anything about her students. But again, so small that everything is quite close together.
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