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Met with Monika who I know from a previous institution. She is Deputy senior tutor and is always looking to use technology where appropriate. She is very aware of student support issues and sits on the EC board so has information about all the students. She mentioned to me that she felt that we should treat covid like a war and prepare the students so that they can do battle.
She teaches on a compulsory module and had 7 groups of 25 students. She recruited students to volunteer to act as student partners to these groups (unfounded) and once they were put in groups, they were allocated to the partners. They were told that they had to find a way to communicate and so used WhatsApp and then had to submit their work (group) in Blackboard.
No involvement with IT or management. Through covid a maths specialist group was set up with likeminded external people. They called it a book club and discussed and shared which tools they used and what works.
She had money from HE funds but felt that they were not providing her with a useful resource. They provided money £1500 for a conference but she wanted to employ someone to take the data that her course had generated and analyse to learn from. 175 student reflective journals all telling her what challenges or how they found things on her course. They also told her that some of her students were not engaging which wasn’t true, they had just not needed to interact with the uni systems as they had a task to do.
she set up her own networks and used others. She was forced to use BB and they worked around what the students had to be much more personalised but not institutional. Each students was different in that some liked the anecdotes and some hated them.
Silos were the reference to the uni saying not engaging when she knew they were and when the students were told they weren’t engaging they turned up and said that they were.
Group set up over covid TALMO teaching and learning mathematics online
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