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Miles SW

Interview: 31 August 2022
Attendees: Miles SW, Fiona Harvey
Platform: Teams


Lovely chat about his role as a management consultant. No clue really about the digital access and lower socioeconomic students and commuter students. Interesting to note that he was brought in as a management consultant to advise universities about the student experience rather than the teaching. They create the same kinds of environments that they were taught in too. The perspectives are very narrow and based on costs.
Couldn’t be further away from the heart of the purpose of the univerisity but then what is that now?

What went well?

Everything went smoothly and it was nice to see him. He was keen to chat with me and share his experiences. He was very open about everything. I was thinking I couldnt use the interview as he was not in an individual uni but then as he was talking I was thinking that he was a good example how SMT bring in outside people to advise etc when they have a detached view of the way things happen, ie culture and then they are not equipped to know about the issues I have been looking at

What didn’t work so well?

I was not sure what angle to take with Miles as he was not in a HE institution but what it showed me was that HEI’s brought him in (and others like him) to evaluate their processes and to cut costs but they are not appreciating the lack of experience or knowledge which does cause issues.
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