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Michelle SMc

Interview: October 5th 2022
Freelance HE


Direction etc
Lots to talk about and discovered she had written a book about IT decisions in 2018 so will have a look. I expect it was not framed around digital access and participation though. It costs £55!
She mentioned how accessible the data generated by the systems is and how can we access everything (what is being held by the platform providers) we are unaware of what is generated but the students are gaining a huge amount of data and are probably better at analysing it or know what the value is to their organisation. Unlike UK HE who are generating data and probably not doing anything with it.
We talked about the students and how they are given access to technology but she wasn’t that clear on how they are supported other than through usual channels so even after pandemics it appears that everyone is more concerned with teaching staff than students (on reflection) how they teach rather than how students learn.
She talked alot about the pandemic and the results of that on developing and opening doors. Space and place re teaching and the impact of pandemic on community in terms of campus use. Needs to be listened to again because she said lots of interesting things.

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