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Josh DC

Interview: 21st September 2022
Attendees: Josh (DC) and Fiona Harvey
Location: Lancaster Teams
Institution: East Midlands Institution
Followed the guide and he was very keen to talk to me. He has moved roles to a small institute and again it seems that he is not responsible for making the ultimate decisions but he is consulted and because he is known as the ‘expert’ then others with defer to him in their decisions.
He was unclear about the connection between support for non traditional students and how the links to his work would impact them. I don’t think that he had ever thought about poorer students but then the uni is quite vocational and it may be that they do not have many richer students. The policies in place may be useful to those students. I will have to check.
He said he was not making decisions or influenced by EdTech providers but that he was aware of what was happening through the mailing lists on the ALT/LinkedIn etc but he didn’t mention UCISA and I don’t think he knew about HeLF. Interesting to me that he was consulted on and influenced these decisions but doesn’t have a broad view of the issues for students (digital divide/office for students requirements etc) I also felt that he was politically immature and was not aware if the policies that might impact the students or the institutions.
He spoke alot about the VR wall and how that was used by academics for nursing. He also mentioned that he worked with academics alot but that he had a presentation which he was worried about where he had to tell them about some tech (its in the recording) and he was worried about it or rather he was aware of negativity towards the tech. It will be interesting to review that language he had used.
I felt the thought he was respected in his role but that there may be some tension between the academic staff generally over the use of edTech and how it is used.
Didnt mention analytics and didn’t think that there was much clever/smart use of data analytics to make decisions about the student experience as a result (but mentioned AI and VR)
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