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Geoff JT


7th September 2022






Based in West Midlands but not attending campus as he is supervising PhD and EdD students.
Being made redundant. Rambled alot and didn’t make his point. His view is based on events of the 1990’s in that he said that he wanted to get rid of the VLE which was something that we discussed back in 2006. I mentioned the platformisation of Edtech in HE and solving problems we don’t have but he didnt bite and I think that was because that was not something he had thought about before and so had nothing to draw on.
He didnt engage with students other than remotely now as he is supervising and he said he didn’t have any influence or decision making capacity other than personal.
He said that universities used VLEs as a form of control to maintain their brand.
Signal was quite bad too. I suggested that he could turn off his video but he wouldn’t. Quite flippant and felt he wanted to rant a bit
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