Digital Decisions Research Data

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Evette KH

Digital Curriculum Designer, Faculty of MAPS
Date: Monday 26th September


Worried that I would not find her interesting but she told me a lot about the issues they have and how they are completely silo driven and the strategic aspects are not coming through. There is a strategy but it seems to stop at certain levels. Also academic staff are not buying into technology for students and have dropped most of what they did online over the last few years.
Interestingly, MS Teams was not used over the pandemic but is being introduced as it is cheaper than Zoom. MS offering that to all the institutions and IT love it. No discussion with staff and probably part of a move to introduce Teams as the VLE.
Need to explore that as that is like a back door introduction with no consultation.
Data and analytics not available to her unless she looks for it.
Students are not considered at all and she would be interested in the Student Futures Manifesto and the Digital Access and Participation pln which I said would be the output of my research or a nod towards one
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