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Charles PC

Head of, South West based Uni
(was at North based Uni which is how I know him, he was doing alot around Peer Assessment and using digital tools)
Had a quick chat (less than an hour, about 40 minutes)
What was interesting was that he has a co-manager who is the Head of TEL and they talk alot and share things but it was focussed on staff and not the students. They don’t think they are focussed on the staff, they think that they are focssed on the students but everything he told me related to the benefit of the institution. NSS featured heavily.
I askd about digital access and he didnt know anything. I asked about how the data was being used and he said not as much as it should be and that they would be looking into it. I mentioned the digital access and participation plan and he thought that they would work towards something like that but I think it was the first he had heard about it.
He mentioned that the APP team were actively talking to them (his team and the TEL people) to identify what they were doing in relation to the APP which is good, but again he said it came as a surprise.
What is interesting to me is that Charles would be classed as someone of colour. I expect he is of mixed race and so the disadvantages of many of the students that have similiar backgrounds to his might benefit from his insights but I don’t think he was aware of that.
He told me that they had disbanded the EDI committee. A new unit had formed and the person chairing the group were doing that now but it was not a EDI group.
I asked about digital poverty aspects twice to check in and he told me that they don’t have those kinds of students so they don’t need that kind of help. Thats the second time someone has said that to me. Both middle class and white institutions but both of non traditional (ie male, white middle class backgrounds)on male and one female.
They are reviewing their assessment and curriculum and use Mentimeter but don’t lookinto how students are using their tools and he said that academics were not consulted directly in order to get something but they are consulted later on.
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