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Brian JC

Interview: Tuesday 27th September
Commercial organisation (was in HE)
Prior to speaking to him:
Interesting to read that article from 2021. He said that there were ways that data could be used to improve well being of students and referred to academic in America who had checked in on their students every day (!) to ask how they were feeling and then could use that data to identify anyone they needed to check up on. The end refers to the many ways that we can use technology to keep tabs on things but no mention of Echo360.


Student support and difference
Contacts at university and how they decide
Data and use
Working with other bigger systems
Fascinating to hear from Brian as I have known him for a very long time. He used to be a Tech person in central England and now has worked for platform providers. Currently, he us a customer success manager. He told me how he worked with Parama who was the one that was using it and basically she must have bought it through her CTaLE prior to Pandemic and that is how we had it at all (I am guessing). He told me about Gatekeepers who block them from talking to academics and he was sure that it was not appropriate to talk to students.
Networks: They pay academics to be champions (give money to projects) they then use this to pay for students to work with them on things. They also work with networks like JISC, UCISA, ALT but they feel excluded. Interesting as I bet MS dont have that problem. How did MS get into Universities? I think it must have been the IE on every PC and then every IT person who were able to fix and repair only knew that and so it went on. MS have played the long game and so its harder to get into a university. I dont know anyone from Teams for example who might be able to talk to academics about how they should use it but then they don’t have to because they are already in everyones house, and school, and workplace.
Brian was all about evidence and showing what works and I think he feels that its a long game. I also think that the benefits he mentioned of being high quality are interesting as he said that MS Teams was good enough.
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