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Timeline of Algebra

A brief historic timeline of Algebra
2700 BCE to 2300 BCE
The First Equations
1650 BCE
BCE The Rhind Papyrus
780 BCE to 850 BCE
Solving the First Equations
598 BCE to 665 BCE
The X value
287 BCE to 211 BCE
The Surface and Volume of a Sphere
1540 AD to 1603 AD
The First +/- in Algebra
1551 AD
The Word Algebra
1551 AD
The Beginning of Algebra
1777 AD to 1885 AD
Proving the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
1802 AD to 1829 AD
Functional Algebraic Equations

2700 BCE to 2300 BCE

The First Equations
Babylonians solve quadratic equations with the completing the square method.Over the course of the third millennium, these objects were replaced by cuneiform equivalents so that numbers could be written with the same stylus that was being used for the words in the text. A rudimentary model of the abacus was probably in use in Sumeria from as early as 2700 - 2300 BCE.

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