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The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is a large inland delta located in north-west Botswana and is a world-famous hotspot of biodiversity. It has been designated as both a and a , and is one of the .
The Okavango Delta encompasses an area of comprises of permanent marshlands and seasonally flooded plains in which the plants and animals have adapted their lifecycles to the annual cycle of rains and flooding. It is Africa's third largest alluvial fan and the continent's largest endorheic delta containing robust populations of many of Africa’s most familiar animals, like lions, African elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards, hippopotamus, white and black rhinoceros, African wild dogs, zebras, and more!
The Okavango Delta is part of the larger watershed called the (also known as the Okavango River Basin or the Cubango River Basin, depending on the location).
The shores of the Okavango River, which flows into the Okavango Delta, are inhabited by the Kavango people, who are divided into five subgroups. In the center of the Kavango region lies Rundu, the second largest town of Namibia with more than 60,000 inhabitants.
The Kavango is a region in northeastern part of Namibia and is divided into Kavango East and Kavango West. Life in the Kavango region, the natural surrounding and the culture are strongly influenced by the Okavango River.

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