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Informative Comments

Copy and past these into someone’s replied or Instagram comments. These ones are supposed to be more informative messages.
@[insert person/corporation here] Shame on you for choosing to destroy the livelihood and the health of the residents and wildlife in the Kavango Basin. Your corporate greed and extractive ideals will only cause harm to our climate and Indigenous Nations like the San, and you fail to properly compensate for the monumental damage ReconAfrica’s projects will cause. We the younger generations are outraged by your decision to drill on some of the most precious ecosystems left untouched in the world. SHAME ON YOU. #StopReconAfrica #SaveTheKavangoBasin #SaveOkavangoDelta
@[tag here]The Kavango Basin is a region that stretches across Southern Africa, across the countries of Namibia and Northern Botswana in particular. This region is home to some of the last remaining endangered species on the planet, such as the African Savanna Elephant, the African Wild Dog, as well as the Black and White Rhino. In addition, this region encompasses a great part of the Okavango Delta watershed, a world heritage site acclaimed by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, which is the main water source for hundreds of locals in the area, as well as the Indigenous peoples of the Kalahari Desert, the San. ReconAfrica, a Canadian company, wishes to drill in this precious corner of the Earth, releasing ⅙ of the World’s remaining carbon budget. WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN #StopReconAfrica #SaveTheKavangoBasin #SaveOkavangoDelta
@[tag here] Did you know that Canada is continuing to destroy the future of our climate through enormous fossil fuel projects? Well of course you do! However, the Canadian Company @[insert ReconAfrica tag here] has decided to practice their dirty fossil fuel projects in one of the most precious remaining ecosystems in Africa, the Kavango Basin. This project would not only destroy the habitat for some of the most endangered species on the planet, such as the black and white rhino, or the African wild dog, but their projects have an immense risk for toxic water and air pollution. This pollution would filter directly into the Okavango Delta, a critical water source for surrounding communities and the San, an Indigenous community of the Kalahari Desert. This watershed is also a World Heritage site, and to pollute this watershed would pollute some of the most vital ecosystems left in Southern Africa. This project is horrific, and will only cause harm for global citizens. We must demand the end to relentless fossil fuel projects, and we must demand to #StopReconAfrica #SaveTheKavangoBasin #SaveOkavangoDelta #DirtyFossilFuels
Dear @[insert ReconAfrica tag here], Shame. On. You. You are targeting one of the most precious ecosystems remaining in Southern Africa. The Kavango basin is not only home to some of the most endangered species on the planet, such as the Black and White Rhino, the African Wild Dog, and the African Savanna Elephant, but it is a home for thousands of Namibia and Botswana citizens, including the San, the Indigenous peoples of the Kalahari Desert. As someone who is concerned for our climate and global citizens, I am baffled that you have decided to interject onto this occupied, and luscious territory. Your decision to continue this project is not for the livelihood of Botswana or Namibian citizens, nor for the health of our climate, or for the billions of lives on our Planet who will be affected by your project, which will release ⅙ of our remaining Global carbon budget. You are doing this to quench your own corporate greed, and it will cost the lives of millions. We, the rest of the World, are disgusted, terrified, and infuriated because of what your obsession with wealth will cost us. #StopReconAfrica #SaveTheKavangoBasin #SaveOkavangoDelta #DirtyFossilFuels
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