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Fairy Comments

Copy and past these into someone’s replied or Instagram comments. These ones are supposed to be a more passive aggressive way of getting your message across. Feel free to come up with some yourself.
What if, instead of allowing ReconAfrica to explore in the Okavango watershed for oil, you stood up for what’s right? #StopReconAfrica
@Recon_Africa YOU WILL BE STOPPED #StopReconAfrica #SaveOkavangoDelta
Save Oil and Gas! Now that I got your attention: #SaveOkavangoDelta
Wow love the way this project will extract the equivalent of 1/6 of the world’s remaining carbon budget 🤩 🤩 🤩
Only cool kids cancel their oil extraction projects #StopReconAfrica #DirtyFossilFuels
Canada: exploring for oil here and abroad, cz who cares about the earth?
tfw our laws are so relaxed, we allow companies to destroy OTHER people’s land and lives
🌈🧚Stop Canadian Extractive Companies destruction🧚🌈#StopReconAfrica #EmpowerCORE
Leaving African countries alone, you say? Of Course not! We must explore and drill for oil and destroy their environment #StopReconAfrica
Use your position of power: #StopReconAfrica
#StopReconAfrica, you say? *starts exploring for oil and gas even harder*
Hey @[person ur tagging], I def agree with you! #SaveOkavangoDelta
This is your chance to stand up for people over profit and destruction! #SaveOkavangoDelta
Did you know that 1/6th of the remaining carbon budget is in the Kavango Basin? Leave it in the ground then. #SaveOkavangoDelta #StopReconAfrica
Protect people! Protect biodiversity! #SaveOkavangoDelta
Hey @ [person ur tagging], why are you okay with the destruction of #OkavangoDelta by #ReconAfrica? They must be stopped!
Hey @[person], allowing @Recon_Africa to drill in one of the most precious ecosystems on the planet is not a cute look for you 🌈🧚 #StopReconAfrica #SaveOkavangoDelta

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