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News Articles

Mail & Guardian | Canada’s ReconAfrica oil and gas exploration in Namibia and Botswana worries World Heritage Committee (August 2, 2021):
IPS | Calls to Halt Construction of Massive Oilfield in One of Africa’s last Wildernesses (July 8, 2021):
The Globe and Mail | ReconAfrica defends itself after short seller says Canadian oil company is ‘drilling blind’ in Namibia (June 24, 2021):
National Geographic | Members of Congress urge investigation into Okavango oil exploration (June 23, 2021):
The Guardian | New oilfield in African wilderness threatens lives of 130,000 elephants (June 20, 2021):
The Globe and Mail | ‘Phenomenal riches’: Inside ReconAfrica’s aggressive stock promotion campaign (June 20, 2021):
New Era │ Namcor, ReconAfrica team up in oil hunt (June 16, 2021):
Geographical │ ReconAfrica's plan to drill for oil in the Okavango draws the ire of environmentalists (June 9, 2021):
Daily Maverick │ Canadian firm ReconAfrica’s quest for Namibian oil and gas poses seismic risk to elephant behaviour (June 3, 2021):
The Globe and Mail | As Calgary’s ReconAfrica drills for Namibian oil, a global outcry over endangered elephants grows (May 29, 2021):
Windhoek Observer │ ReconAfrica needs to comply – Alweendo (May 28, 2021):
Vancouver Sun | Vancouver-based firm ReconAfrica touts massive oil find in Kalahari Desert, near world heritage sites (May 25, 2021):
The Namibian │Oil driller applies for Kavango land (May 21, 2021):
National Geographic │ Oil company exploring in sensitive elephant habitat accused of ignoring community concerns (May 11, 2021):
CNN │ A Canadian oil firm thinks it has struck big. Some fear it could ravage a climate change hotspot (May 3, 2021):
Mail & Guardian │ Pursuing fossil fuels in Kavango Basin a ‘stupid bet’ (April 26, 2021):
The Namibian │ Concern for elephants in Okavango Basin grows (April 23, 2021):
Al Jazeera │ Namibia: Indigenous leaders want big oil out of Kavango Basin (April 22, 2021):
Yale Environment 360 │ A Big Oil Project in Africa Threatens Fragile Okavango Region (April 22, 2021):
Independent │Oil excavation in Africa’s Kavango region must be stopped to meet world climate promises (April 1, 2021):
Sky News │Namibian oil and risk to the Okavango Delta: Fears over threat to one of world's most pristine wildernesses (March 31, 2021):
Mongabay │Growing concern over Okavango oil exploration as community alleges shutout (March 22, 2021):
National Geographic │ Test drilling for oil in Namibia’s Okavango region poses toxic risk (March 12, 2021):
Mail & Guardian │ Keep fracking out of the Kalahari Desert’s Kavango Basin – activists (February 24, 2021):
The Namibian │ San communities petition against Kavango drilling (February 16, 2021):
The Namibian │ Canadian oil driller threatens to sue The Namibian (February 16, 2021):
Mail & Guardian │ Okavango Delta under threat from oil, gas exploration (February 12, 2021):
The Namibian │ Wildlife fund warns against Kavango drilling (February 5, 2021):
The Globe and Mail │ Canadian oil firm’s consultant sparks controversy by attacking African environmentalists (February 2, 2021):
The Namibian │ ReconAfrica adviser calls oil-drilling concerns 'stupidity' (February 1, 2021):
Windhoek Express │ ‘Kavango not ecologically sensitive’ - Sindila Mwiya (January 29, 2021):
National Geographic │ Test drilling for oil and gas begins in Namibia’s Okavango region (January 28, 2021):
Windhoek Express │ Groundwater threatened by drilling (January 19, 2021):
Mongabay │ Alarm as exploratory drilling for oil begins in northern Namibia (December 28, 2020):
National Geographic │ Oil drilling, possible fracking planned for Okavango region—elephants’ last stronghold (October 28, 2020):
The Conversation │ How fracking plans could affect shared water resources in southern Africa (October 18, 2020):

Opinion/Letter to the Editor

National Observer │ Canadian firm looks for oil in Namibia: Are we ignoring our Paris commitments? (July 14, 2021):
The Globe and Mail | June 5: ‘As a Canadian, I am ashamed that this Canadian oil company … is proposing to drill for oil in Namibia.’ Readers react to ReconAfrica’s plans, plus other letters to the editor (June 5, 2021):
Rabble | The world we want does not include fracking a World Heritage Site in Africa (May 25, 2021):
New Era │ Opinion - ReconAfrica: A blessing or a curse (May 17, 2021):
Common Dreams | Okavango, Oil Drilling, and the Tragedy of Africa (May 12, 2021):
Independent │ Oil excavation in Africa’s Kavango region must be stopped to meet world climate promises (April 1, 2021):
Daily Maverick │Threat of fracking looms large over Okavango Delta and other conservation areas (December 6, 2020):

Blog posts

Greenpeace │ One Man's Journey to Save the Okavango (May 13, 2021):
Greenpeace │5 Reasons to Save the Okavango Delta (March 31, 2021):

Promotional articles for ReconAfrica │ Update On World’s Most Exciting Oil Play: An Interview With Jim Granath (July 5, 2021): │ Recon Africa: The Truth About The World's Most Exciting Oil Play (June 29, 2021): │ Why Namibia Could Become The Biggest Oil Story of the Decade (June 27, 2021): │ Meet The Man Behind The World's Most Exciting Oil Play (June 25, 2021): │ Is This The Most Exciting Oil Play Of The Last 20 Years? (June 10, 2021): │ The Most Exciting Oil And Gas Play On The Planet? Interview with Bill Mooney (June 7, 2021): │ Is There A Huge Undisclosed Short In Oil Explorer Reconnaissance Energy Africa? (May 27, 2021): │ Is This The World’s Most Exciting Oil Discovery? An Interview With Craig Steinke (May 25, 2021): │ The Best Is Yet To Come For The World’s Hottest Oil Play (April 19, 2021): │ Two Oil Stocks To Watch In 2021 (January 29, 2021): │ The World’s Next Giant Oil Discovery Could Be Here (January 11, 2021): │ Is This The Most Exciting Oil Stock For 2021? (November 18, 2020): │ The World’s Last Major Onshore Oil Play? (October 6, 2020): │ Two Ways To Win Big On The Oil Price Rebound (September 23, 2020): │ The World's Last Great Oilfield: An Interview With Nick Steinsberger (September 16, 2020): │ The Largest Oil Play Of The Decade? Interview With Daniel Jarvie (September 1, 2020): │ The Biggest Oil Discovery Of The Year Could Happen Here (Aug 24, 2020): │ 3 Ways To Play The Coming Oil Boom (August 18, 2020): │ Is This The World’s Next Oil Hotspot? (June 15, 2020): │ Is $90 Oil Possible? An Interview With Jay Park (January 17, 2020): │ Is This The Next Great Oil Frontier? (January 2, 2020):

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