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The Myth Of Overpopulation’s Effects on the Climate

Many rich countries accuse and state that the poor countries and their higher populations are directly connected to environmental degradation, and, thus, climate change.
But that’s not quite true.
In fact, the richer countries with lower populations (for example, the USA) turn out to be more dangerous in the environmental aspect then their less wealthy counterparts.
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Oxfam estimates that the world’s richest 10 percent of people have carbon footprints that are 60 times higher as the poorest 10 percent. Researchers at the charity also estimate that the emissions of the world’s richest 1 percent create an even larger emissions gap: the 1 percent could emit 30 times more than the poorest 50 percent and 175 times more than the poorest 10 percent. In fact, the world’s richest half-billion people - a mere 6.5% of the population - are responsible for fifty percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.
The most industrialised African countries, such as South Africa, generate 8.44 metric tons of greenhouse gases per person, and the least developed countries, such as Mali, generate less than a tenth of a metric ton per person. By comparison, each American generates almost 16 metric tons per year. That adds up to the United States alone generating 5.7 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year (about 23% of the world total, making it the leading producer), while Africa as a whole contributes only 918.49 million metric tons (less than 4%).
Governments today are pushing population control policies in order to control the number of children being born as a protective measure to their national resources.
Examples include:
, where women were fined large amounts, arrested, or forcibly sterilised for exceeding the birth limit.
India's sex-selective abortion where approximately since 1990 due to a cultural majority preference for boys.
The Government of India has expressed an interest in imposing a two-child only policy as a result of the overpopulation myth.
where women where arrested for being pregnant and their babies where aborted in unsanitary conditions.
The that refuse aid to developing countries unless they accept contraception, abortion, and sterilization to prevent the false idea of population over-growth

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