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Standard Chartered (@StanChart) has provided $24 billion to fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement - yet they claim they believe money can be a force for good. You can’t have it both ways. Stop lying to the public. We see through it. #RaiseYourStandards
In your latest ad you feature various fauna prancing around in pristine nature, then at the same time finance numerous fossil fuel companies. @StanChart, we know what greenwashing looks like and we’re not here for it. Take actions with us at #RaiseYourStandards
“We’ve committed 75 billion dollars to funding sustainable projects” LOL @StanChart Surely you know that the climate doesn’t work that way. You can never undo the evils you have committed, but you can stop. We won’t give up until you do. #RaiseYourStandards
The global financial system continues to direct capital flows to new fossil fuel exploration & infrastructure which drives the climate crisis. It is time to end this dirty business @StanChart learn more at #CleanUpStandardChartered
The MAPA regions are the least prepared to face the crisis that you’re fueling, @StanChart, progress doesn’t have to cost our planet, but neither our people’s lives! Take actions with us at #CleanUpStandardChartered #RaiseYourStandards
Hey @StanChart! while you prioritize filling your pockets with wealth, our most vulnerable communities suffer a hell in life due to the climate crisis. Our homelands are flooding but you don’t care, because money speaks louder, right? #CleanUpStandardChartered
Hey @StanChart Is the word Standard in your name for the Climate Destruction Standard you’re setting? Learn more at #CleanUpStandardChartered #RaiseYourStandards
Stop treating our homelands as means for your profit @StanChart, we won't be ignored, MAPA communities are unheard but not voiceless! Take action with us at #CleanUpStandardChartered #RaiseYourStandards
.@StanChart is fueling the climate crisis! While they pretend to be decarbonizing in their greenwashing advertisements, they are investing billions in fossil fuel projects all around the world, particularly in MAPA countries. #CleanUpStandardChartered
Sorry @StanChart, but REALITY CHECK! You’re actually contributing to the climate crisis as you’ve spent $8.5 billion on coal expansion since 2017 - two years after Paris!(Idk, if it's just me but….🤔) #CleanUpStandardChartered #RaiseYourStandards
.@Stanchart: We deserve to live in a world where MAPA people, their lands and resources are respected, and you are not only not helping but your investments are making the climate crisis even worse . #RaiseYourStandards #CleanUpStandardChartered
.@Stanchart: Stop financing the destruction of our lands and futures! #RaiseYourStandards #CleanUpStandardChartered
.@StanChart your advertisements and branding mystify the environmental destruction that you’re financing. Your impacts cannot remain invisible, it is time to face this climate emergency ‼️ #CleanUpStandardChartered #RaiseYourStandards
SCB: “We’re committed 75 billion dollars to funding sustainable projects.” Also SCB: *channels $24 billion into coal, oil and gas companies since the Paris Agreement* #CleanUpStandardChartered #RaiseYourStandards
13 activists from 11 countries have written a letter to Standard Chartered Bank CEO, Bill Winters to call to #CleanUpStandardChartered. We stand together and we stand tall. We are all running out of time. @StanChart we need you to #RaiseYourStandards.
.@StanChart says they made a "commitment in 2018 not to fund new coal mines or coal-fired power plants.”
They only excluded project loans for new plants, while the vast majority of their coal finance is funneled via corporate loans. We will not be fooled!
SCB: Includes animals in their campaign video
Also SCB: Finances companies that kill hundreds of animals and habitats #CleanUpStandardChartered #RaiseYourStandards

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