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Product/Market Fit Engine
Fetchit Survey

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Segment your audience

Assign personas to each user to paint a picture of your target customers.
Once you have survey data, it's time to segment your audience.
The core principle here is to deliberately not serve all users: it is better to make a product that a small number of people love, rather than a product that a large number of people somewhat like.
The Fetchit product/market fit engine massively optimizes for a product that a small number of people really love!

A. Define personas

The first step is to define a set of personas for your product. We used the personas below for Fetchit. (You can edit this table so that it contains your personas!)
🖊️ Highschool
📕 City College - 2 Year
👓 University - 4 Year
📒 Private University - 4 Year
🥼 Specialized University - 4 Year
There are no rows in this table

B. Assign personas

Next, assign a persona to each survey response. When searching for product/market fit, most people try to change the product. It is actually much more efficient to first try and change the market. By assigning personas, you can quickly test different markets.
You can take a look at the Superhuman data below. (Pro-tip:
by job title to make assigning personas faster.)
Expand to assign personas to responses

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