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Preliminary Project

3: Work-flowing chart

This image represents only the spatial relationship between zones and activities within the kiosk; it does not represent actual sizes or shapes.
The use of a chart like this is to establish the most desirable layout. In this case, we’re basing the layout in standard practices for restaurants and kitchens; separating as much as possible the hot spots from the cold ones.
We’re sure you have a much better understanding of these processes, so if you have any input into how the layout can be improved, please let us now.
Zones connected via a straight line represent necessary connections; such as both the chicken and beef station having access to the assembly line. Or the cookies being next to the cashier in the counter so that customers have a higher chance of grabbing something else at the end of their order. Again, if there’s any other layout option that would better work with your own established or desired workflow, please let us know.
Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 18.08.41.png
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