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PM Interview Questions

An open-source list of great questions to ask during an interview with potential product managers.
This list is also as an open source repository. Feel free to suggest new ones there.


How would you create an environment that encourages collaboration with your peers?


What tools, artifacts or ceremonies do you use for carrying out, organizing and communicating your projects?
How do you handle having multiple priorities at the same time?


Pick a product you worked on in the past year—talk me through your strategy for it.

Customer Insights

Tell me about a time you did user research on a product/feature and that research had a big impact on the product.


What’s the most important or impactful product you shipped?
How do you prioritize initiatives?

Product Sense

How would you improve feature x in our product?


What do you do when starting a new role?
Tell me about a time you came up with a better way to do something at a previous job and implemented those changes on the team/organization
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