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Farzana Al-Aqsa

Hello! I'm Farzana, a passionate and dedicated IT student. With a background in React and AI, I thrive on NLP and Computer Vision. My journey in software engineering has equipped me with a robust skill set in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python and R, allowing me to create AI projects. I am driven by a strong commitment to make people’s life easier with AI, and I constantly seek opportunities to become a full stack engineer. Outside of work, I enjoy teaching coding, which serves as a source of inspiration and balance in my life. I'm always eager to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and explore new possibilities within the dynamic landscape of IT.



AI Image Generator

GitHub Link:

Tech Stack: React Native, React, Javascript, Axios, Redux, Firebase
Image is generated through using MidJourney API to create custom wallpapers according to prompts


Sigma School

Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp (2017 - 2019)
Created over 30 projects in the span of 3 months
Worked with 2 developers to create capstone project about AI image generator


Gardens by the Bay

Operations Executive
Helped 1000s of visitors reduce 50% of getting an answer


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