AI Safety and Alignment Mentoring

If you’re reading this, it’s because someone thinks you (or your network) will make a great mentor. 🎉

Our aims

We are searching for mentors for software engineers, researchers and business operators. Our team works out of FAR Labs, a community space that supports organizations and individuals who are working to understand how to ensure advanced AI systems are trustworthy and reliable. Your experience and expertise could have a large impact by helping to grow successful new ventures.
In addition to professional development, this mentoring program aims to strengthen connections and knowledge-sharing between experts in industry, and experts carrying out alignment research.

Who we’re looking for:

We’re looking for skilled Software Engineers, Researchers, and Business specialists with 5 or more years’ experience in their field.
We see an opportunity for experienced people in the software and startup industries to:
grow communication, leadership and mentoring skills;
learn more about current research in AI safety, interpretability and robustness, and;
build professional connections with a new and growing domain of the AI research community.

What is involved for mentors?

A quick call with a FAR AI team member to understand your skills, goals and professional background.
When we have a mentee relevant to your strengths, we ask if you are interested and available. If so, we will connect you and the mentee, where you can both test your fit.
If you and the mentee are both keen, you will decide the best format for your context and take it from there! This could be a one-off deep-dive, or a recurring meeting slot for 2-3 months. We can support with finding a time and format for you if you need.

Register your interest here:

About FAR AI:

FAR AI conducts research that will help build safe and trustworthy AI. Our spans work on adversarial robustness, interpretability and preference learning in ML systems. Our office space, FAR Labs, hosts a range of organizations that are working towards similar goals. We will soon run a new program focused on supporting new organizations to grow and flourish in this area.
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