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BB Ukraine protest

First priority
— Finalize permit with parks. Ezra
— Designs for social media. Rachel
— Design flyers. Rachel
— Create Facebook event. Make sure to include Google Calendar. Ezra/Viola
— Announce the event on social media with the reminder! Viola
— The event page on RUSA’s website (put QR code on flyers/posters). Ezra + Viola
— Design signs. Susanna
— Print flyers (include QR code to site). Daniela
— Print signs. Daniela/Ezra
— Send newsletters: at least a week, couple of days, a day before + on the day. Viola
— Ask people to join us in flyer distribution on social media. Viola
— Distribute flyers/post posters around BB 2-3 days before the protest (include QR code to site) — Ezra/Samantha/Viola/Alex
— Giant banner for march — ask Lyosha where they printed the BBP one, Alex’s gonna ask a friend. Alex/Ezra/Viola
— Make a list of chants and include it in the landing site/facebook page. Samantha/Vlad?
Hands off Ukraine!
Руки прочь от Украины!
Хуй войне!
Путина в тюрьму!
Putin is a war criminal!
Слава Украине! Героям слава!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!
Русский корабль, иди на хуй!
Russian warship, go fuck yourself
— Find a chant leader. Lyosha? Viola/Ezra
— Reach out to Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello, ask him to join us (preferably with a guitar!). Samantha
— Check in with Lyosha/Lena about megaphone, make sure it’s powerful enough. Ezra/Viola
— Ask Lyosha to reach out to Adam Eli and announce the protest. Ezra
— Reach out to representatives: Inna Vernikov + Ari Kagan and others... ask to announce. Samantha
— Reach out to Cojeco, CBST, SAFE, (possibly QUA), Moishe House, other Russian jewish groups. Samantha
— Q&A Training for Flyer distributors and protesters in general. Ezra+Viola+Alex

Second priority
— Gather contacts of journalists (RTVI, Voice of America, Spectrum, КП in the US) and send them a press-release in advance. Ezra

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