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Our Why...

Our Why...

The establishment of this internal portal stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and seamless communication within our rapidly evolving world. At its core, this hub is designed to be the nerve center of our collective efforts, providing an interactive platform where marketing partners, like yourself, can converge to harness the power of synergy. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of the tech industry, it becomes imperative to streamline our operations, share insights, and leverage each other's expertise effectively. This portal serves as the epicenter of our shared knowledge, offering a centralized space for real-time updates, strategic planning, and the exchange of creative ideas. It facilitates the seamless flow of information, ensuring that every team member is well-informed and empowered to contribute their unique skills to our overarching goals. By consolidating resources, centralizing communication, and fostering a collaborative spirit, this hub serves as a catalyst for innovation and growth, propelling our startup into new realms of success. Welcome to a space where ideas flourish, connections thrive, and collective aspirations find their foundation. Together, we will chart the course for our future and redefine the boundaries of what's possible.Follow our outline—or customize with sections you deem important—to draft and share a brief with your team. Clear and collaborative communication allows you to align on the language you use for promotional campaigns, sales outreach, FAQ/Help content, and more.

How to Join

Join EyCrowd early to transform your marketing with the inventor of brand experiences. The first 300 agencies publishing 3+ brand experiences within 60 days of acceptance receive two years membership on the house. In addition, receive the distinction of "Founding Partner" for you and your agency. Be a part of EyCrowd's game changing mission.

Partnership Levels
Partnership Tier
Founding Partner
3 campaign experiences created monthly
Strategic Contribution:
Provide strategic insights and contribute to the long-term vision of the platform. Participate in high-level decision-making processes related to platform development and evolution.
Early Adoption of Features:
Actively engage with and provide feedback on beta features and experimental functionalities. Play a crucial role in shaping the direction of new platform features. Exclusive Training Opportunities:
Gain access to exclusive training sessions and resources tailored to advanced strategies and features. Collaborate closely with the platform's development team to understand upcoming advancements.
Branding and Marketing Collaboration:
Collaborate on joint marketing initiatives to promote the platform and showcase success stories. Have the option for enhanced branding opportunities within the platform.
Custom Feature Requests:
Request and potentially influence the development of custom features tailored to specific business needs. Enjoy priority consideration for the implementation of feature requests.
Strategic Pricing and Billing:
Negotiate and customize pricing structures based on specific business requirements. Enjoy flexible billing options and exclusive pricing arrangements.
Participation in Advisory Boards:
Optionally participate in advisory boards or councils to provide strategic guidance. Act as a representative voice for the interests of founding partners within the platform's development.
2 campaign experiences created monthly
Active Engagement:
Regularly engage with the platform by creating and managing marketing campaigns.
Demonstrate ongoing utilization of key features and tools.
Performance Metrics:
Meet specified performance metrics and campaign effectiveness standards.
Consistently achieve target outcomes such as click-through rates, conversion rates, etc.
Adherence to Guidelines:
Adhere to the platform's terms of service, guidelines, and ethical standards.
Avoid engaging in practices that may harm the reputation of the platform or its users.
Continuous Learning:
Participate in training sessions and stay updated on new features and best practices.
Show a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.
Collaboration and Communication:
Collaborate effectively with other partners and platform support teams.
Provide constructive feedback and communicate any issues promptly.
Timely Payments:
Fulfill financial obligations, such as subscription fees or commissions, in a timely manner.
Customer Satisfaction:
Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering quality services.
Responsively address customer queries or concerns related to campaigns.
Innovation and Creativity:
Showcase innovative and creative marketing strategies.
Explore and utilize new platform features to enhance campaign effectiveness.
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