What are the most popular PHP frameworks available in the market?

Once you shortlist the framework you are working on, you should ensure you are comfortable with them. You can start by integrating it with your tech stack. Though there are several popular PHP frameworks available in the market, below are a few of the most popular ones:
PHP Laravel: It is imperative for freelance PHP developers to be adept in PHP frameworks like Laravel. Most companies looking for freelance developers prefer Laravel as it is open-source and can handle complex web applications without any difficulty. PHP Laravel offers a layer of security to the companies and a higher speed than other frameworks. Thus, they might prefer you as a freelance PHP developer if you know Laravel inside-out. As a freelancer, you will love working on Laravel as it simplifies your development process and allows you to create a better application.

CodeIgniter: One of the biggest USPs of the framework is its small size. It takes up a space of 2MB (including the documentation). If you plan to develop dynamic websites, you should opt for this framework without thinking twice. CodeIgniter has multiple in-built modules that allow you to build reusable components. The framework is relatively faster when compared to other frameworks. Additionally, it has a strong error-handling mechanism that makes the tasks of PHP developers easier.

Symfony: Launched in 2005, Symfony is one of the most reliable PHP frameworks that exist. With the growing popularity of MVC frameworks, Symfony is known to stick to PHP standards to the maximum. It is one of the most preferable choices of PHP developers while developing large projects. Additionally, it promotes the reusability of PHP components. If you are a beginner, you should use Laravel. Symfony is well-suited for advanced developers as well.
Apart from the above frameworks, CakePHP and YII are considerably popular too. With so many PHP frameworks around, anyone can get confused. Having basic knowledge about most of them can place you at an advantage against other freelance PHP developers.
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