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October Feature Release

ResNet is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specifically designed for oil & gas operators. Our mission is to Unite Field & Office users in one singular platform, while providing 'culture boosters' to properly align and incentivize the entire work force towards common corporate objectives.

Feature Improvements

We’ve been working closely with our clients to improve some popular features. You can now manage subscriptions via user groups, edit group names, group issues by swim lanes, more advanced filtering options, view issues via Kanban board, access documents on our mobile app, auto subscribe to issues you are following, as well as improved access to custom fields in Asset Spaces.
We are also working together on the creation of a custom sub-issue builder, where office users will be able to build custom form-fills for tracking specific types of issues (such as Well Failures, Service Requests, etc). This will be live by the end of the month for all users.
We have improved the experience of our issue management system including more intuitive filters and different views (list, Kanban board).

Field Dispatch Console

Maximize efforts in the field with new filters, challenge playlist management, new layers, and overall refined controls.

Insights and Analytics

Check out the new Spotfire and PBI server integration improvements for embedding internally-sourced insights.

New Integrations

Introducing our new Microsoft Teams integration. Explore issues, wells, batteries, sites and gain insights right within MS Teams. You can also participate in dialogue without ever having to leave the app.
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