Style Glossary
Ever felt lost amidst a sea of confusing fashion terms? You're not alone! The world of fashion can be filled with jargon, making it difficult to navigate trends, build your wardrobe, and express your personal style.

Enter Entym: Your Personalized Style Guide Entym empowers you to take control of your fashion journey with a network of expert stylists and fashion influencers. But knowledge is power, too! That's why Entym offers a comprehensive Style Glossary, your one-stop resource for deciphering fashion terminology.
Beyond Basic Definitions: A Deeper Understanding of Style Our Style Glossary goes beyond simply defining terms. We delve into the nuances of fashion, helping you understand how different styles and silhouettes can impact your look. Here's what you can expect:
Visual Aids: Pictures are worth a thousand words! Our glossary entries are accompanied by clear and detailed images to illustrate different garment details, cuts, and styles. ​In-Depth Explanations: Forget one-sentence definitions. We provide comprehensive explanations that break down complex concepts like "asymmetrical neckline" or "darting" into easily understandable terms. ​Style Tips and Inspiration: Learning doesn't happen in a vacuum. Our glossary entries offer practical style tips on how to incorporate different elements into your wardrobe. Discover how to wear a "culottes" silhouette or use a "statement necklace" to elevate your outfit.

Unlocking the Power of Personalization Entym takes your style education a step further. By connecting with stylists and influencers within the app, you can:
Get Expert Advice: Confused about the difference between a "bodysuit" and a "leotard"? Our stylists can clarify these terms and offer personalized recommendations based on your body type and preferences. ​Style Your Unique Voice: Learn how to incorporate specific fashion terms into your wardrobe in a way that reflects your personality. An influencer specializing in minimalist style can help you incorporate a "capsule wardrobe" concept while staying true to your unique aesthetic. ​Navigate Trends with Confidence: Feeling overwhelmed by the latest trends? Entym stylists can help you determine if the trends suit your body type and offer tips on how to wear them in a way that flatters your figure.

Shop smarter, communicate effectively and experiment with confidence! Become fashion-fluent with Entym!
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