Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria

Part one:Introduction
Meet Mike Schmidt, a 20 year old security guard who works at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. He gets paid 120.00$ a night at the pizzeria. He is starting his job today at the Pizzeria. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is a restaurant made for kids founded by Henry Emily and William Afton located in Utah. Lots of kids who went there went missing and the suspect was always William Afton but then he got fired and was never featured in the Freddy Fazbear franchise.After that Henry Emily’s daughter Charlotte Emily got murdered and the main suspect was William Afton.
Part two:The job
Mike came to the pizzeria and went to the security room to watch the cameras. He turned on the camera to the stage and the animatronic Bonnie was missing from the stage.He switched the cameras to the hall and found Bonnie walking around.”These animatronics are alive!”Mike exclaimed. He got really scared and called the police but the phone line cut off.”AHHHHH I can’t get any help what am I supposed to do”screamed Mike.The animatronic heard the scream and came running to the security room. Bonnie was close to the security room so Mike locked the doors until Bonnie went away. He screamed like a hyena in danger. Bonnie finally went away so Mike opened the doors again.”Phew, that was a close one if I didn’t lock the doors I could've died” said Mike. Than suddenly Mike heard a noise coming from the vents left and right,he checked the vent cameras and Bonnie and the animatronic Chica. Chica was in the left vent and Bonnie was in the right vent.”I’M GONNA DIE HERE I NEED TO GET OUTTA HERE”Mike announced. He grabbed a crowbar and sprinted to the front door while Bonnie,Chica,Foxy,and Freddy ran after him. The animatronic Mangle came out of nowhere to attack Mike but he swung the crowbar and kept running to the front door. He bursted through the front door, opened the door,and drove back to his home.
Part three:The argument
The next day he went to Henry Emily and said”Listen I can’t work here anymore can I please be moved to the day shift THESE ANIMATRONICS ARE ALIVE”. Henry replied saying”What are you talking about, the animatronics are programmed to turn off at night”. Mike screams”NO I DON’T CARE I WANT TO BE MOVED TO THE DAY SHIFT”! Henry finally agreed to move Mike on the day shift and decided to inspect the animatronics.
Part four:The inspection
Henry inspected the animatronics and saw some kind of human inside of freddy. He opened the animatronic up and found a child dead in the animatronic suit. “What the heck is this a child in a suit they shouldn’t even be in there if a child goes in the animatronic they will surely die but,how did a child get in here”? Henry thought to himself of who that child could be and how he even got in the animatronic suit. The child he found was very familiar but he already died because there was a stab wound in his body. Then he remembered something that happened at his first restaurant, Fredbear's family diner. It was an incident of 5 children missing their names where Gabriel, Jeremy, Susie, Fritz, and Cassidy. The child he found in Freddy was Gabriel stabbed in the heart. He already knew who killed Gabriel; it was none other than William Afton. He found one of the children now he just had to find 4 more. He opened up Bonnie next and found the child Jeremy stabbed in the heart like Gabriel. The next one was Chica. He opened the animatronic and found the child Susie stabbed like Jeremy. Then, he opened Foxy and found another child Fritz stabbed like Susie. Now he just had to find Cassidy but he only had 4 animatronics so where could he find Cassidy. So he went to Fredbear’s family diner and opened Fredbear and found Cassidy stabbed like the other 4. After he found Cassidy he found Spring Bonnie, an old animatronic left when an incident happened at the Fredbear’s Family Diner. He took the bodies with him home and examined them. The bodies were dead but the night shift guard said the animatronics are alive but the children were dead so how were they alive? So he set up a secret security camera in the pizzeria and waited until they could come alive.
Part five:The conversation
It was 1:00am in the morning and the animatronics were finally moving and exploring the pizzeria. But,than they started TALKING. Henry said”The security guard was right but TALKING this can’t be it's impossible”. Freddy said”Man the suits feel lighter I feel like something’s missing”. “Maybe it’s are bodies I saw a man open up our suits and take a body out”replied Foxy. “HE KNOWS WE’VE BEEN MURDERED HE CAN HELP US GET REVENGE”screamed Chica”If he knows we’ve been murdered than he can help us find the murderer but all I remember about him is he’s purple that’s it”exclaimed Bonnie.”Welp were gonna have to get help somehow”said Freddy.
Part six: The Plan
Henry heard this conversation and immediately wondered how they could talk to each other. There were no bodies and they were dead. So he thought of something: what if their souls were trapped in the animatronics. After he thought of that he overviewed the plans for the animatronics and looked at their endoskeleton. If anyone enters the endoskeleton they will be impaled, crushed and stuck there forever.”The endoskeleton will keep anything there forever so than the souls must've gotten trapped in the endoskeleton and now those souls posses the animatronics and those souls are the CHILDREN”Henry exclaimed. “If I destroy the animatronics the souls will be free and go to heaven”Henry thought.
Part seven:The explanation
Henry had the bodies but he had to give them to the parents. But,it wouldn’t be fun if they would ask how ,when, and why? So Henry came up with a plan he,he would wait till night time and sneak into to the houses of the dead children, put them on there bed and leave without a trace. So that’s what he did. So he first dressed up all in black,than put the bodies in a bag,went to the houses put the bodies on the bed and left. After he did that he needed to get two things William Afton and the animatronics.

Part eight:The search

Henry decided to search for William himself so he went looking for him but he knew it wouldn’t be easy. So here’s what he did. He asked the police if they can search for William’s house and they could.”Listen that man killed 5 children we must bring him to justice.”ARE YOU KIDDING ME WILLIAM AFTON HASN’T BEEN SEEN SINCE FEBRUARY 14TH 1957”screamed chief Franco.”Well than search the house break down the door search it top from bottom”replied Henry.”Fine we will search for William and inside the house we’ll tell you what we find”stated Chief Franco.”Thank you”said Henry So the police came to William Afton’s house broke down the door and searched,and what they found was shocking.They found nightmare versions of the Freddy Fazbear animatronics and from Fredbear’s family diner. The police told Henry and confuscated the animatronics. After they confuscated the animatronics cops bodies started appearing at the station dead.”These cops are dead but why it’s not like those animatronics are alive”said Franco. So Franco took everyone out of the station put security cameras and watched. He put a dummy in one of the rooms and watched what the animatronics would do so he waited, and waited,and waited till the animatronic nightmare Fredbare came and ripped apart the dummy. Franco watched and got scared as nightmare Fredbare rip the dummy apart.

Part nine:The news

The next day Chief Franco reported this to the news.”This is Channel 8 news reporting from the police station Chief Franco has just reported that any animatronics made from Fazbear Entertainment will be confuscated and destroyed by the police and also by Afton Robotics this is Channel 8 news now back to you Franco”aired Channel 8 news. Henry saw this he already closed down the restaurants and now the kids in the animatronics will be back in heaven never getting there revenge.”The children inside those animatronics will go to Heaven and never get there revenge I need to do something”thought Henry. So he went to the pizzeria and tried talking to the animatronics.”Listen I know who killed you I know you want revenge I know your bloodthirsty for your killers blood but if you want your revenge come with me or you will be crushed by the authorities I am give you the help you need but once you are done with your revenge I will let your souls be free and go to heaven”said Henry.

Part ten:The impossible

“So you know about our existence I see”said Freddy. “You can help us get revenge”exclaimed Bonnie. “But once this is over I will destroy your suits so you can be free from those endoskeletons”explained Henry.”But now come with me I will put you in my trunk so I can take you away from the authorities”said Henry. So the animatronics came to Henry’s car got in the truck and drove to his house. While driving he saw a purple car and Henry recognized that car it was William Afton he told the animatronics took a hard turn and chased of the car once the car stopped the animatronics and Henry broke the doors and killed William. After that they went to Henry’s house. Henry got the crowbar and as promised he would set the children free the animatronics were ok with this so Henry destroyed the animatronics and the souls were free.

The end

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