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Media Kit | Oren Shai ⚡️ Enlivened

Oren pronounced like "Lauren" without the L. Shai pronounced like the word “shy”




Founder, Enlivened — Embodied Leadership Development

10-second Speaker Bio

Oren guides change-making leaders in developing their embodied presence so they can move fluidly through complexity and meet the true need of each moment with aligned action.
Oren is co-creator of EnlivenedLab, an embodied leadership development community for those who share the awareness that changing the world starts with changing ourselves.
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Background in brief

10+ years of experience developing people within hyper-growth companies, having served in internal roles responsible for leadership and organizational development and organizational change.
Masters in Organizational Psychology. Applied team performance and collaboration research with top universities. “Manager-as-coach” advisor for building leadership coaching culture and skill.
Somatic (body-based) leadership coach to Founders/CXOs of fast-growing startups and leaders within large tech companies who are committed to modeling authentic, aware, and empowering leadership.
Unique style: Human-centered, conscious, whole-systems approach / direct, playful, and high-integrity communication / social change as the outflow of individual change.

Narrative bio

At this point we know that if we are committed to leaving this planet better than we found it, we've got to start with ourselves. There is no way around it.
This is why Oren guides impact-driven leaders and teams with a multi-disciplinary approach to developing the intra- and inter-personal adaptability necessary to create the change our world needs.
This is inner work for outer impact... developing a centered, embodied presence so we can move fluidly through complexity and meet each moment with aligned action.
Oren brings with him over a decade of experience developing people within recognized companies, and builds upon a masters in Organizational Psychology through applied team performance research in partnership with top universities.
As co-creator of EnlivenedLab, an immersive embodied leadership development community, Oren facilitates an ongoing transformational platform for those who share the awareness that changing the world starts with changing ourselves — and that this journey never ends.
For deep 1:1 partnership, Oren provides somatic leadership coaching, and for teams and organizations, he facilitates group leadership development experiences.
Learn more and connect with Oren .


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