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is a short daily news podcast, covering the latest in digital marketing, social media content and community, and online advertising. []
It is hosted by former national technology journalist Tod Maffin, who has run the engageQ digital agency for the last ten years. engageQ counts among its clients some of the largest brands in North America. Buzzsumo named Tod as the 17th most influential digital marketer of 2020.


The show gets more than 10,000 downloads each week (not including streaming plays). Almost all listeners are in the digital marketing, online advertising, social media, media buying, or online P.R. industries. About 2,000 of them listen daily.

Where They Work

50% United States
14% Canada
8% United Kingdom
5% Australia
2% Germany


Men —58%
Women — 38%
18-22 years old — 6%
23-27 years old — 27%
28-34 years old — 28%
35-44 years old — 27%
45 to 59 years old — 12%


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