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About Your Client Hub

About Security

By default, we set up your Client Hub's security with ease-of-use in mind.
You access the Client Hub by visiting a unique URL. This URL can not be guessed, since it contains 20 or more random characters in the URL that are unique to each page. This means that nobody can "stumble upon" your Client Hub.
But if someone does get the URL, they too will have access to all information on this web site.
If you prefer more secure access, we can set up specific user accounts for individual people in your organization. We just need their email addresses.
They will need to click a confirmation link sent to them by this system, enter a verification code, and set up their account with their name and a password. They will also need to enter those credentials each time they visit.
This is the email your team members(s) will receive if you opt for the full account method:
Note: We never store your channels' passwords or credit card information on this site.
⌨️ Quick Keyboard Shortcuts
Dark Mode: Press cmd/ctrl + shift + l (that's an L not a 1)
Search Your Hub: Press cmd/ctrl + p to open search or jump to a recently viewed page.

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