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Campaign Strategy Summary:

Google PPC Campaign: We drive traffic using a Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign that targets potential buyers searching for properties in [LOCATION], or sellers in the [LOCATION] area looking to get a home valuation. This approach is designed to maximize visibility and attract a broad audience.
Dedicated Landing Page: The campaign will direct traffic to a specific landing page. If a buyers campaign: they will navigate to the home search tool on your website. If a sellers campaign: they will navigate to the home valuation page on your website.
Keyword Strategy: Our keyword focus will include phrases such as “homes for sale in [LOCATION] “properties for sale in [LOCATION]” or "What's my home worth.." "My [LOCATION] home value estimate..." (our keyword research will be more comprehensive than these few examples)
Campaign Pricing and Details:
The minimum budget for a buyer-targeted campaign is $500 per month, and the minimum for a seller-targeted campaign is $1000 per month (seller leads are more competitive and require a higher budget), both with a minimum commitment of three months. Billing can be arranged on a monthly basis.
A management fee of 15% applies to the total budget. For example, with a $500 budget, $75 would be allocated for the management fee, leaving $425 for the actual campaign expenditure.

Next steps to get started:

Please complete so we can add you to our paid media pipeline, we will send your ad previews for approval prior to launching the campaign. Here is a of other client campaigns Luxury Presence manages for your reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the ad campaign get me leads?
Luxury Presence has perfected the formula in targeting leads for buyers and sellers. We have tested certain strategies and campaigns to make sure we know what performs and how to generate leads.
What does lead quality look like?
We find that lead quality and lead nurture go hand in hand. The leads that you will receive from your campaign are a result of them searching for the specific keywords you want to be found for. With that being said, leads might be in different parts of the buying funnel. Our most successful agents have a very robust lead nurture plan with many touch points and automated emails.
What does lead consistency look like?
This questions is difficult to answer, because it depends on a lot of factors like: budget, competition in the market, seasonality, cost of certain bidding for keywords, an overall search volume to name a few. You will get leads from your campaign, it’s just difficult to predict the number of leads you will receive on a monthly basis. The Google campaigns we run are very consistent in bringing our clients leads each month. For buyers we are seeing around 20 leads per month and for Sellers around 11-15 leads.
How many leads will I get?
I cannot guarantee that you will receive a certain number of leads. However, you will get leads, we’ve never had a campaign not produce leads, and having a robust lead nurture plan is the best way to convert them. For buyers we are seeing around 20 leads per month and for Sellers around 11-15 leads.
How much will it cost?
We do have a minimum budget being $500 a month (for a buyers campaign) and we take a 15% fee out of that purchase management. But for a sellers campaign, the CPL are higher and more competitive to bid for, so the minimum for a Sellers campaign is $1000/mo
How long can I run the ads for?
We do have a minimum of 3-month commitment to run ads. The first 3 months are critical for your campaign to optimize and learn the algorithm to reach its peak performance.
Should I target buyers or sellers?
It depends on what your goals are. Something to note is that seller campaigns tend to be more competitive than buyer campaigns. Which means seller campaigns typically require a higher click budget and have a lower lead flow.
What is the recommended budget?
Budget depends on the campaign type and the area you are targeting. If you are targeting sellers, you will need a click budget of $1000/mo because seller leads have a higher CPL. Typically, the higher your budget the more likely you are to appear on Google for the keywords you are bidding for.
What if I cannot afford a $1k click budget?
We would recommend starting with a buyer campaign to help you generate data and build a larger client base and generate some transactions. Then when you feel comfortable with increasing your budget you can shift to a seller campaign.
Can I target more than one location?
Yes, but the more locations you target the more likely you may need to increase your click budget. Most of the time we recommend start running ads in a specific location and increase areas over time.
Do you track lead conversion?
We track how many total leads your campaign receives. We rely on you to tell us if any convert so that we can help determine ROI.

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