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Product Development

Changelog / updates:
June 23, 2021: visuals of a player prototype added
June 18, 2021: visuals of two prototypes added
June 14, 2021: creation of the Product Development page
I started this project by doing a , then I filled a for my Product Strategy. It notably helped me define the business problem I’m trying to solve, listing benefits my users will gain from using this product, and I brainstormed on some feature ideas.
Using this material, I was ready to create prototypes of the pages for teams and players that my project might generate.
A prototype is an early sample, model or example of a product created to test the concept. It is the step between the evaluation of an idea and the formalization.
I identified the first following prototypes:
A team page, designed in a light theme
A team page, designed in a dark theme
A player page

They will be used for the validation of my project concept by conducting user research. I skipped the wireframe step and directly designed user interfaces, hi-fidelity prototypes. One advantage to work alone, I already had ideas about the User Experience (UX) of the pages, their features and look.
Prototype 1.jpg
Prototype 1 bis.jpg
Prototype 2.jpg
Prototype Player 1.jpg
Prototype Player 1 bis.jpg
Minimum Valuable Product
After the creation of the prototypes, if my User Research validates my project concept, I will have to define the MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) and start developing it.
Wikipedia gives the following definition for a MVP:
A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development.

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