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Elva Codan Intro

Product Designer @ Superserve

🗺️ Where I’m from

Born in Dalian, a seaside city in Northern China, I grew up eating seafoods. When I first came to the U.S., I used to tell people I came from a place right between Russia and North Korea, so that no one would mess with me 😷
I came to the States when I was 15 and have spent 12 years between PA and CA. Compared to big metro areas, I prefer quieter city like Claremont, where I went to College and San Jose, where I live right now.

💼 Where I’ve worked

I first worked as a User Researcher @ Google and then joined another startup as a UX/PM. Having tried all three roles, I decided to focus on Product Design. Check out some of my previous work here if you are interested: (Password: elvadesigns)

🎢 When I’m not working

Huge foodie - I like trying out different cuisines (especially spicy food and Southeast Asian) and hosting dinner parties.
Animal lover - I love all furry things (that’s why there are animal prints on my Codan character)! I have dogs back at home and two guinea pigs - Luna and Katy - with me here.

❇️ Me at work / My professional values

I do my best work when there is real user feedback and data behind the design rationales. I value transparency and context building and especially appreciate ongoing feedback. I also have a quirky sense of humor if you don’t mind joking around 🤪

🙋 Why I’m here

I came to learn with the most amazing team and build something that will allow people to work smarter rather than harder.

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