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Baylor University Move-in Checklist

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How to customize

Items from this have been pulled in directly from .
Other great resources for ideas on what to bring:

Customize it by adding your own items and removing any existing items in the list. Anything you mark as ‘Buy it’, will be added to your page. Then, check things off as you go, on your laptop or from your phone!
From the page:
Click the Add new item button or the plus sign (’+’) to add any item to an existing Category.
Click ‘X’ to remove items you won’t need.
Click the Details button (’i’) to add additional notes or update the status or category of any item.
Check things off as Packed as you go.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page if you want to update the Category list.

How to use ‘Shopping list’

Bring up the page to add more items to your list.
Pro-Tip: If using Chrome, and use the (a.k.a. Coda Bookmarker) to automatically clip URLs to the ‘Shopping list’ table while you are browsing.
Check things off as Bought it as you go.
Click the Details button (’i’) to add additional notes or update the shopping status.

How to share your list with others

Go to to invite people to help you shop or find missing items from your list.
Share this doc with them with ‘Can edit’ permissions so they can check things off or add additional info about where to find items.

Tip: You can also leave comments/notes for each other. Just hit the details (’i’) button to find the ‘Comments’ section.

How to use checklists from your phone

Send the URL/link to your doc to your phone browser via email, iMessages, or AirDrop.
From your phone, you can check off items from your packing list, shopping list, or borrow list by swiping any item to the right and tapping the checkmark (✔️).
You can either do this from your desktop browser menu by selecting File > Share, or click the ‘Share’ link at the top right, then click Copy doc link to email it to yourself.
To add this doc as an ‘app’ on your phone, you can either download the Coda app, or convert the webpage into a tap-able shortcut on one of your home screens:

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.