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The Future of Veterinary Care: Leveraging AI for Better Administrative Outcomes

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Updated: 3/7/2023
Author: Ellis Messian

The Challenges Facing Veterinary Practices Today

The veterinary industry, like all healthcare industries, faces several challenges in providing quality care to patients. One of the major challenges is administrative burdens, which can lead to inefficiencies, burnout, and unsatisfied customers.
At clearONE, we aim to tackle these challenges and enhance the efficiency a of veterinary practices using AI. We believe that by unlocking the full potential of clinical data through advanced AI technology, we can help veterinary practices of all sizes improve the efficiency and quality of their operations and care.
In this whitepaper, we'll explore the top five administrative burdens facing the veterinary industry today, use cases in human healthcare, and how clearONE can help alleviate them.

Top Administrative Burdens in Veterinary Practices:

Unstructured Data: Over 60% of veterinary practices have severe inefficiencies resulting from unstructured data. The sheer volume of patient data captured in free-text notes, with no standardized coding and stored inconsistently, restricts the ability to use the data effectively.
Limited Resources and Time for Analysis: The veterinary industry is resource-limited, with veterinarians working an average of 57 hours per week. This leaves limited time for analysis of patient data and decision-making, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in decision-making.
Burnout: 88% of veterinarians report being burned out, which can lead to poor productivity and low job satisfaction.
Revenue Opportunities Missed: Inefficiencies and unstructured data result in missed revenue opportunities for veterinary practices.
Inconsistencies in Decision-making: Unstructured data leads to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in decision-making, which can result in poor patient outcomes and customer dissatisfaction.

How AI Plays a Role In Human Healthcare:

The use of AI-powered data analytics to improve decision-making and efficiency in healthcare is not a new concept. For example, Doximity has rolled out a ChatGPT tool for doctors that helps streamline some of their time-consuming administrative tasks, such as drafting and faxing preauthorization and appeal letters to insurers. This technology has been successful in reducing burnout, improving efficiencies and care in human healthcare. The site features a growing library of best medical prompts where the AI-based writing assistant has been trained on healthcare-specific prose.

AI + clearONE’s Role In Veterinary Care

At clearONE, we believe that by transforming complex veterinary data into actionable insights, we can enhance care and operations in veterinary practices. Our solution aims to optimize revenue and decision-making for business operations and healthcare. We leverage advanced AI technology, including GPT 3.5 to analyze and label unstructured data from veterinary practice PMS, including clinical notes, lab results, and other relevant sources. Our platform applies natural language processing (NLP) to data analysis, providing personalized insights, dashboards, and decision nudges to identify trends and gain valuable insights into business operations through predictive analytics that are actionable.

The potential impact of ClearONE's AI - ROI

ClearONE AI has the potential to help veterinary practices move towards optimal efficiency by automating administrative workflows and providing predictive analytics. Based on industry data, it is estimated that ClearONE AI can help clinics gain up to $418,000 in value per veterinarian and $270,000 per non-doctor employee. In addition, ClearONE AI can help clinics process 40% more patients per hour, reducing wait times and improving patient satisfaction.
While the exact outcomes may vary depending on individual clinics and their specific needs, the potential benefits of ClearONE AI are clear. By optimizing administrative workflows and reducing inefficiencies, ClearONE AI can help veterinary practices improve their bottom line and enhance their ability to provide quality care to their patients.

Transform Your Vet Practice with clearONE

Administrative burdens are a significant challenge facing the veterinary industry today. However, with the power of AI technology, these challenges can be overcome. clearONE's AI-powered data analytics platform can transform complex veterinary data into actionable insights, leading to better outcomes for patients and pet owners. By improving the efficiency and quality of veterinary practice and care, clearONE can ultimately improve the lives of pets and their owners.

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