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Guide for hosting your own meetup

Interested in hosting a Coda meetup in your city? Great! Here are some helpful tips below.

Step 1: Decide on a meetup type.

This can be a meetup you host at your office with presenters, maybe it's a casual meetup at a coffee bar, or grabbing a meal with other Coda users.

Step 2: Pick a date and venue, then spread the word.

Our best advice is to pick a date, time, and venue early even if no one has RSVPed yet! Some ways to the promote the event:
Post on
Send e-mails to your friends and colleagues who may be interested in joining you to learn about your Coda set up
Post about the meetup on Twitter and LinkedIn
Share the meetup with the
And of course, about the meetup with us so we can help you with promotion.

Step 3: Prepare for meetup.

If you are having food and drinks at the meetup, make sure to place the orders in advance and have the right amount for your group! In our experience, if it's a free meetup, there will be some attrition (people won't show up). Other things to have ready:
sheet and pens
Name tags
Laptops, projectors, cords, and other hardware for presenting slides or a Coda doc
Agenda for the meetup
Plates, cups, napkins, cutlery

Step 4: Run the meetup.

Ask people to Tweet and mention Coda ) during the meetup, and ask them to @ mention the speakers as well!
If you can, try to record the meetup (audio and video). Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just leave a cell phone near the speaker and record the audio through the built-in voice recorder app. If you can't record the audio and video, take plenty of pictures and send them to us so we can share them on Coda's various channels.

Step 5: Follow up.

Thank your guests for coming to the meetup, share any docs you presented, and encourage them to learn more about Coda by

Where Coda can help!

We are happy to help make your meetup a success! Please if you need any of the following:
Swag (t-shirts, stickers, pins, or any other freebies to give to the audience)
Food subsidy (we may be able to provide a small stipend)
Promotion via our social channels
A banner on our community
Coda’s brand guidelines
Speaker (Codans or otherwise) suggestions

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