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New Member Essentials + Application

Founding Principles

In the Memorandum of Understanding that all the founders signed, we agreed upon the following principles which guide how Fuse will operate:

Always go for the win-win-win-win

Must create a system that more efficiently & effectively helps people get jobs by fairly rewarding and balancing the interests of all major stakeholders: talent, employers, recruitment players, investors, and the platform itself. Must not be extractive, zero-sum, or win-lose.

Pursue open and progressive decentralization

Must strive to progressively decentralize in : economic (via profit sharing or tokens), legal (via best-fit structures), and technical (via open source tech) so that we can deliver the actual benefits of web3, including more equitable ownership & control among stakeholders, elimination of extractive business models, open access & participation, and greater diversity.

Operate the platform as a ‘common good’, for an ecosystem of for-profit players

Must structure the Staffing Co-op platform as a common good that serves the entire ecosystem of talent, employers, and for-profit recruitment players. Each recruitment player can use the system to grow their own profitability, and can use proprietary systems or services that add unique value or serve specialized needs within the platform.

Teal self-management is the way we will get work done, and unleash potential.

Must use a Teal self-management approach and system to organise and structure our work. Must not have arbitrary positional authority or a hierarchy of decision-making which is not directly related to the purpose and scope of a defined role.

Equating ownership & control with a dynamic accounting of value contribution.

Must be clear about the allocation calculations which fairly and dynamically reward all of those who add significant early-stage value beyond direct compensation with future equity, profit sharing, or token ownership rights (whichever legal model is chosen). Must not change the allocation rules without consent of all those impacted.

Operating with trust and honest communications will take us further, faster.

Must embrace unpredictability and uncertainty by using honest and open communications to declare what we’re each sensing and need in order to reach our highest potential and maintain trust and faith in our work on Staffing Co-op. Must not keep assumptions, feedback, fears and issues to ourselves.

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