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New Member Essentials + Application

FAQs of New Members

Would joining Fuse change a staffing firm’s operating model?
No change at all. You maintain all client relations and remain the employer-of-record. You don't even need to tell anyone that you're using Fuse for extra recruiting.

What are the costs involved?
There is no cost for joining the Fuse co-op. When sharing a position with Fuse, the job owner determines how much of the direct hire or contract gross profit to share with the recruiter. Upon placement the job owner is invoiced that amount plus a 20% uplift paid into the co-op. that governs the transactions.

Why is this better than other recruitment marketplaces?
The differentiator is that Fuse is a co-op, which means it is legally owned and managed by its members - the staffing firms and recruiters - and not by its shareholders. That means we can better address the key issues facing existing recruiter marketplaces, which are trust, accountability, and the quality control of jobs and recruiters.

Does Fuse market directly to companies, or compete with MSPs?
No, Fuse has no client facing brand and does not communicate with clients as a supplier, or as an MSP (unless members voted for Fuse to become an MSP). Fuse is simply extra recruiting horsepower for small firms via cooperation among members.

How does my job get matched with a recruiter?
Because building relationships and trust between job owners and recruiters is critical, Fuse is beginning as a “white glove” service. You provide a high quality job, and Fuse will book a call with you and an independent recruiter that is specialized and experienced in that role. Then Fuse will chaperone the relationship to make sure everything goes well.

Why would I give my jobs to Fuse and not just fill them myself?
The most common use-case for Job Owners is to go and ask for job orders with key clients that are outside of your current specialization, knowing that you now have on-demand access to specialized recruiters in any area. Fuse adds scalable recruiting horsepower without any investment.

Is this a shared candidate marketplace where we search for candidates of other firms?
No. Fuse is not a self-service model. If you have a good quality job order we will introduce you to a recruiter who is specialized in a given area so that you can work together on a req. The idea is that you can now ask your clients for job orders that are outside of your specialization and you would have on-demand access to experienced recruiters.
Will some members add job to Fuse and others members submit candidates? Or both?
Yes. Everyone is an equal member, and you can either submit jobs, or candidates, or both.
If a job-owner is interested in a submitted candidate, would they arrange an interview?
Yes. That’s correct. It works just like it would if you were using an internal recruiter. The job owner decides the process, which could include an interview with them first, before submitting to the client, or you could pass through directly to the client once you are comfortable. The job owner is also accountable for rejecting candidates that aren’t suitable and providing the reasons why.
What is the standard for what makes a “quality” job order?
When the job is presented the Recruiter will decide in full transparency whether they want to work on it, so they determine what is a good job for them. the Job Owner must share all the relevant details to access the quality of the job order, including: access & experience with the hiring manager, amount of staffing competition, relationship with client, compensation competitiveness, hours/location, reputation of the employer, etc.
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