Inquire vs Enquire. Learn their use easily

Once you are through with this blog, you will no longer have doubts regarding inquiry and enquiry. You will access hacks to accelerate your English language learning too.
English can be a tricky language. For example, it has 24 letters but 44 different sounds, silent letters, homophones(words with the same sounds but different spellings and meanings).
And on top of it, there are spellings variations between British/Australian English and American English.
Phew, that is a lot to handle for anyone who is not a native English speaker!
The English language experts at often have observed that learners struggle with using the two words “enquire” and “inquire.”
So they have created this blog to help you understand how to use these two words and explain the difference between them.

Difference between

There is no earth-shattering difference between the two. Yes, you read that right. So then why the chaos over their use?
Well, both of them have a Latin origin and mean ‘to ask for information.’
And both of them are used in a formal situation.
You may use any one of the two. There is no harm in that. What should be kept in mind is the place you use it. There is a difference when you use these terms in the UK.

When to use Inquire vs Enquire?

A great many debates have occurred over this question.
Inquire is strongly used in American English. It is used when asking for details or general information.
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