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RaaS - Pitching & Pricing

❓What is ‘Raas’?

Recruitment-as-a-Service is a client engagement model built around recurring service charges either with/without per-placement fees.
RaaS projects typically resemble ‘mini RPO’ models, where the recruiter does more of the recruitment process and delivers multiple hires as a semi/entirely outsourced function.
Projects can include dedicated access to a recruitment resource/personnel, or simply re-worked commercials.

⬆️ What are the benefits for clients?

Clients usually benefit from:
Reduced overall cost (vs contingent hiring or FTE)
Staggered payment schedule
More streamlined communications with recruiter
Cadence / review call
Slack channel (+ multiple stakeholders)
Coda / Notion / Trello / Monday
Value-add service additions
Employer brand support
Talent mapping / benchmarking
Recruitment process engineering
Custom promotional campaigns / ad spend
Recruitment process advisory
Increased screening / assessment
Background checks / references
Reporting / pipeline updates
Enhanced commercial terms
Exclusive candidates
Improved placement guarantees

What are the benefits for agencies?

Agencies get:
Predictable monthly income
Guaranteed job orders / placement opportunities
Closer collaboration / client commitment
Timebound urgency / clear deadlines

💰 How does pricing work?

Pricing is usually structured around:
Recurring monthly fee (or ‘management’ fee)
Rolling monthly or fixed term (e.g. 3-6 months)
(Client option to terminate on X days’ notice, e.g. 30)
Per-placement fee
Fixed fee (per hire - e.g. $15,000)
Fixed fee (based on salary bands / role types, agreed as Schedule/Appendix)
Declining Fee (based on volume of hires, e.g. hires 1-3x =15%, 3-10x 12.5%, 11+ 10%)
% of salary (e.g. traditional contingent model)

📈 When should you pitch RaaS?

RaaS works best when:
Client has:
limited recruitment resources
multiple hires to make
accelerated hiring time-frames
Client is cost sensitive and keen to reduce per-hire fees
Agency can leverage delivery/cost efficiencies by bundling hiring into single project/campaign

✅ How should you pitch it?

Conduct detailed discovery / diagnostic first
Pain points / challenges / constraints
Full hiring scope - roles & salaries
Cost of existing / alternate solutions (including internal)
(If a fit...)
Nail positioning & sell as ‘perfect talent partner’ for hiring requirements
‘Play back’ client challenges and target outcomes
Present RaaS solution
Cost savings vs contingent
Operational efficiencies
Summarised outcomes (visualise client success)
Leverage social proof & case studies (where possible)

⚠️ What should you avoid?

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