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## Specimen_CATed


General term for incorporeal things(with souls?)


A being of which has transcended into incorporeal form though any number of means(achievements of high level and quantity) or a spirit that has been brought to existence through mass coordination or an extreme will/faith towards an ideology.


Entities of which are thinking consistently but aren’t able to interact with any beings other than shamans and mediums.


Entities are capable of interaction with beings and sometimes possessions(mainly through the assistance of life magics.


A shattered entity of which thinks consitienly but information often becomes jumbled with unrelated information. They can possess beings easily though often it’s more like the being kidnapped is by them by running into them.


The general term for beings.


Entities brought onto physical being by strong and large(quantity) of worship.


Beings possessed by their own soul and a ghost soul that go through physical and mental abnormalities. The being’s soul and ghost soul will likely communicate thoughaffecton from the ghost soul is unlikely.


Sentient beings of which may or may not have a soul.


Beings that are possessed by both their own soul and a ghost soul however no abnormalities form in physical or mental wellness(though communication is still possible but less likely). They do, as with demons, gain substantial power boosts as well as longevity.


Shamans are beings which ancestral connections with spirits(decades of contacts with entities). They are blessed with being able to perceive and form contacts with all entities.


Known as lesser shamans and are often formed by a ghost becoming a hero(though with no information other than DNA of an existing species). They are only able to hear entities but not see or form direct contacts.


Term used for creatures distant to typical humanoid beings.





## Soul-Files

Empty Soul Template


ID Name(s):

ID Magic(s):

Hue pattern(s):

A or T


ID Name(s): Entropy

ID Magic(s): Composite reconstruct

Hue pattern(s): Red, Violet



ID Name(s): Aether

ID Magic(s): Hue nullify

Hue pattern(s): Blue-Turquoise



ID Name(s): Enigma

ID Magic(s): Mind duplex

Hue pattern(s): Green-Pink



ID Name(s): Varian

ID Magic(s): Matter rebirth

Hue pattern(s): Dark blue



ID Name(s): Apex

ID Magic(s): Electro circuit

Hue pattern(s): Brown-Lavender



ID Name(s): Penumbra, Kacie

ID Magic(s): Shadow control

Hue pattern(s): Red, Orange



ID Name(s): Angst

ID Magic(s): Environmental manipulation

Hue pattern(s): Yellow, Amber


Hon Goul Lairs-Information

ID Name(s): Pseudo

ID Magic(s): Foresight

Hue pattern(s): Bronze



ID Name(s): Doctor, Reaper

ID Magic(s): Reanimation, Animal manifesto

Hue pattern(s): Lavender, Amber



ID Name(s): Paradoxical

ID Magic(s): Paradox

Hue pattern(s): Purple, Violet


Sten Markus-Information

ID Name(s): Scrounge

ID Magic(s): Sulk manifesto

Hue pattern(s): Dirty yellow



ID Name(s): ツ(tsu)

ID magics(s): not identified

Hue pattern(s): Gray-Green


## Depictions

## Arts


## Novels

## Beings_Anew

Dispulsion section 1


A weird hue emitted from an otherwise conscionable portal, It seems to have its own soul (as in the various colors). And as I inspected the portal from afar, I saw one of them running towards the portal, a dispensary. The attackers of ordinaries with poison to the mind. So I took chase as needed by the people.

Then color exploded all around me, and I thought I got drugged by them, but nothing else was abnormal, so it might not have been a drug. The trees were, instead of white, the color of bug blood, I felt that I needed to barf before pursuing.


It seems like this isn’t my world anymore, everything is irregular to mine. I couldn’t find an edge to anything, but I am on an island so I can’t go far by foot. The dispensary escaped somehow, can’t trace any steps even from the portal entrance(it’s since closed, leaving me stranded. I did find some instruments, something maybe aerodynamic.


The instrument seems to function on some sort of fuel, and have yet to configure it but it seems rather toxic to need something quite toxic.


I’ve configured its fuel, but I can’t bring myself to see why someone would see this fuel as reliable. Now to decipher the instructions.

I’ve found some sort of toy, perhaps there's inhabitants nearby, it looks relatively new.

I’ve found inhabitants but they aren’t the friendly type. They seem to fire warnings, but I waited until they tired their anger, it took a while.

I can’t communicate with them but they don’t seem particularly aggressive anymore, I think I’ve made it clear I don’t have intentions with them.


I’ve shown them the doll that I found but they were more intrigued with my storage ways. I got no clear answers about the doll.

They seem to be quite wary of any travleries, they did what they tried to do to me with some seemingly travelers, I tried to get to them before they ran, I was too slow.

I made a liveable area on the coast, away from the village. It's not bothering them so I guess it’s okay to have it here.


I’ve successfully contacted a traveler, but they were scared to the wits and dashed away. I did manage to speak to them but only with rough tongue of the inhabitants.

A group of travelers came shortly after and tried putting things on my wrists, I didn’t let them and they fired something loud at me. I fogged the area as they seemed to rely on sight and confiscated their weaponry. Shortly after by trying to have a peaceful conversion, found out they were law enforcement of this place and they seemed to have misidentified me and were going off their way. I showed them the aerodynamic object and they seemed quite happy, and ultimately decided to take me along.

Doll of Chaos

A girl had picked me up from my mothers grave, which had not been alive for a very, very long time. I have seen the other people, but they are never willing to answer my calls. Well I guess she’s my new “master of travel”. Also it’s fun to toy, though I can’t seem to understand their culture. I’m surprised earth has so many new adventments, and has found something magical!

Well, it’s certainly more fun to toy with the natives, but now there’s new people from other lands. Oh my oh my, so most chaos is what i’ll make. I just can’t wait to be “scare of the century”.


Distressful Rainbow

This place was absolutely teeming with color, and a whole lot of toxicity. I decided it might be best not to secrete ozone, especially since I know nothing about this planet. It seems they have a sun, so charcoal may be a better option… But then they started freaking out over how my hands seemed to be burned, I just stopped and stared at them for a long while.

They did take custody of the doll I found, but would only exchange it back for their weapons. This giant metal raft we’re on is extremely hot, so I rested my legs in the water but one of the people took me to another open area to cool down, which was inside the metal raft.

The people who stayed seemed to be trying to communicate, but I wasn’t really absorbing anything, but then they gave me a book, which I am now using.

They also gave me some sort of linear object that had a tangible ingredient that could be slightly dispensed, as well as a dictionary of some sort, I couldn’t read its contents.

He also gave me a bottle with bacteria infected fruit juice, I displaced the bacteria and stared at him with a stern aura before drinking. I think he was more confused on how rather than why.

Magica Academy section 1

Another New School

Master was taking me to a new place, a new place to learn of others, and of the world he says. Doesn’t say why I can’t keep going to the old place, but master doesn’t tell a lot. He also insisted I wear a dress which I didn’t really mind. The last time he rushed was when he made me wear a sweater. I hate sweaters… Well now I’m going somewhere new, and I wonder if I’ll see brightness before it’s sight soaks in. People say when you see something new your eyes can’t take it all in so you get blind for a second.

Master parked at a sidewalk and requested that I go into the school, though I was a bit nervous due to the other students' appearances. Most didn’t look friendly, well having an animal face does kind of do that… I just have to hope I don’t anger them. Well some didn’t look that bad, some only had the ears or tail of an animal, I wonder why there’s so many with animal traits though…

Well when I got to the door, I was kind of scared… the doorknob was metal, and I was making traffic. I was also freaking out but I don’t think most of them noticed, more focused on something on their wrist. Well it ended when a cat-eared girl opened the door, though she seemed quite pissed at me… I hope I didn’t ruin her day…

But then my stuff flew at me and knocked me out… not the best way to start a new school.


A new person was at school and they probably wouldn't survive gym, but I guess they can? They wouldn't open the door, it’s a bit heavy but she seems athletic. Urg maybe they’re one of those people who just have to make things dramatic, well no, they don’t seem to like that. I noticed she was twitching whenever she got help, but didn’t seem to recover that quickly, so what could it be? Ugh, guess I have to ask Yuma for help.


"You know this is your dorm too, right?” I asked the sincerely flustered looking Crimson. They did take quite a bit of time to answer, probably trying to piece what they wanted to say together.

“Well, there’s this girl who absolutely refuses to touch metal, but at first I thought she was just one of those people who wants attention, but she also most certainly doesn’t like attention, and she also doesn’t smell human but looks like one,” Crimson rambled on with details.

“So this person looks like a human but doesn’t smell of one?” Crimson nodded to my question.

“Might be a pure doll, I can’t remember what the Guild calls them but you get what I’m saying” Crimson just stared for a few seconds before grabbing her pillow and getting in bed. It wasn’t bedtime but she doesn’t need to be anywhere as of right now so I’ll let her be.

Displosion section 2

A whirring sound withered my ears, which was now deafening and didn’t seem to be awakening, so I suppose this is normal here?

What are these people doing… why are they pointing things at-

Being in a shaken shape, I was in my gas form… wonder if that will shock them? Well, where I suppose I should take my more physical form, though these bars are in the way of the hallway. Well, I guess I can manifest after I go through them.

“Drip, drop,” something formed a sound. Though at the time I just tilted my head.

“Well, I don’t expect you to understand me, but here's a gift, so communication is easier. Also I know you’re from the embassy, but you're not under their control right now, you're free here,” Something half glowing and luminous gave me some scroll, and I couldn't reply because I don’t have the privilege of voice.

And suddenly I was in some bright room with metal all around, so stinky. Hm, did something just try to touch me? Well, it failed, whatever it was.


Why is everything still bright? Doesn't night come here frequently. Didn’t I choose the wooden resting area, no i’ve been moved somewhere else. I should get some air, then I can replenish what i’ve lost

## Divinity


Venn VAR|ツ

Warning, the following paragraph will disclose sensitive information. If you are afraid please ignore the following paragraph.

Within Dara, lightning was reported to be striking a certain area. The area was reported to have dramatic changes in positive and negative charges. The struck sand formed a semi-disk. According to a source, the disk emits a light at night.

End of closure


The TV whistled the opening tone of WS, indicating possible success for my interference. A voice clamored against the tone, just before its completion. “Welcome one welcome all, from yours truly, Benicate from WS, with several employees assigned to Mesopotamia here to rectify a precarious mistake of Venn VAR”. “It seems a daydreamer’s source founded the article!” He laughed at his undermining. “With that said, here’s Michel, from the investigators’ team,” the screen shifted. The shuffling of papers could be heard before the voice. “Here are the reports I filled out recommered by the mishap,” Michel said, showing hand-printed papers to the screen. “And here's Alferd, from the archive department,” Benicate said from the background. “The article may state some truth about the storm, but there were certainly no effects on the area in such scale,” Alfred shifted his glasses up and they reflected a glare. “And finally,” Benicate said, stepping into view, “Here’s Churn, from the on-field reporting team,” Benicate said from the background as Churn took Alfred’s place. “The article strays from the courtesy of newscasts, and strays to what a prankster would do” Churn said, twirling a strand of hair. “When will that race be honest,” I turned back to my terminal, ignoring the rest of the broadcast.

Viewpoint Change

It was on the third week that it appeared. I was assigned the role of sentinel for those crudded weeks. Those weeks were only crudded due to the paranoia. The job itself was as expected. However, monitoring a portal was not. The paranoia was expected, yet unpredictable, but that’s not the point of this. On the fifth day of the third week, is when the entity came through. The spectacle did nothing different than the other times it manifested. Though I could call it a spectacle as well. The entity had some sort of… reflective skin. Upon exiting wherever it was prior, the entity didn’t move for a couple of days. When it did move, however, it certainly acted casual.

Viewpoint Shift

I have seen them destroy each other and all I can do is watch helplessly. I have those desperate feelings of sadness that my creations feel. I share their emotions, I know how they feel. It’s nothing that my creations’ would understand.

For centuries, I have walked removed from my creations' eyes. For centuries, I have been unseen. For centuries, I have been alone with myself. Is something that lives in the background a part of reality? Does that make them real?
And is the grass, the flowers, the trees, even real? The sky, the ground, the stars? How have I become so detached from everything that I created that I cease to exist? I can’t ever touch what I make, I must only see. I can’t love something I make. Only they can experience true emotions the way it was intended. Why not just close my eyes, and disappear from my own senses. Nothing has to know what I do when it’s not real. Nothing knows how to deal with something like me.
. . .
Rest… rest… rest, I thought I told myself. So why do I keep being drawn up and to? There isn’t a plague, a catastrophe, a genocide, not even a war! Why, why oh why do I keep getting drawn to this place. Oh, there isn’t even a soul in sight, not even a wisp. Is it something in the stars… no, it’s something on the surface? Brg… is it another wretched portal crying to be opened again?! Why don’t my creations include the locations for these things!

Viewpoint Shift
All attention was on the “portal” at this, and all the other nights “it” appeared. When “it” first appeared, basically we tried to restrain whatever “it” was; it didn’t work, and we couldn't even feel whatever space “it” occupied. We also found out that “it” responds to us, so we can’t say “it’s” some sort of “natural phenomenon,” which I certainly wouldn’t. Good thing that “it” seems to be compliant, but that worries me and the others. Like how the #### are we supposed to know if “it’s” not planning something. The higher ups say“it” poses no threat to us, but “it” can to the public, but only as a psychotic threat, not a physical one or anything. God… we don’t even have a plan to handle “it” if “it” gets outside. Basically all we can do is keep everything away from “it,” and that’s all we can do at all. We found a “way” to keep it in control, though it sensually just “follows” us… the source though… is too similar to it.

I am no longer a “guard”. I am an overseer.
Viewpoint Shift

All these people, such terror lies within them, such angry, such distain; but only from my existence. I am from beyond, and they don’t have anything to merry explain me. They all shout when I don’t follow the directions, and that is what scares me. I have to hold my people in my realm, time and time again. Portals to other realms are just dangerous, why do they like such things so much. Are they just asking to suffer?

Viewpoint Shift

## Fogged


“So.. how have you been?” George said, whimsically breaking the ice.

“You're off-topic, again,” Sten retorted.

“Why can’t you ever talk causly” George began to whine.

Sten’s only response was a stare and about another five minutes of silence.

“I will be sending my daughter to this school of yours,” Sten said, finger quoting school.

“Well that’s grand” George remarked.

That earned George a glare.

“I don’t believe you're teaching any of the classes?” Sten said sternly.

“Well of course I am,” George said in disbelief.

“Well I’ll have to be keeping a close eye on your teachings then,” Sten remarked.

“Oh come on, I have a license!” George exclaimed.

“That’s exactly why,” Sten renouched.


Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.

Crimson looked around. Though continuing to annoy the teacher with the tapping of her pencil, he hadn’t called her out on it. Crimson wondered if her dad could be like that, but that is unthinkable, thinking to change another…

“Ok, now you have pages 4-6 for homework, ya hear,” The teacher said.

Crimson kept tunning him out.

“Ahem, pages 4-6, for homework,” The teacher repeated.

Crimson just glanced at him and nodded.
According to that magics book dad got me, logics magics is the only orenda that can do such a thing. Well, the quickest way anyway. Looks like I need to freshin up my lawfulness, stupid thoughts.

Crimson looked up and noticed that she and the teacher were the only ones in the room, she quickly realized it was time for the next class.

Crimson speed walked to the next class, trying not to tune in to others meanagerings.

Sliding into her seat, the bell rang.

“Well good mor-afternoon class!” That one teacher said.

Most of the class was silent, but some people gave into the flow.

“Today we’ll be expanding your abstract knowledge!” He claimed.

I don’t know why, but this “abstract thinking” thing doesn’t click… but I’m still passing, I just focus on that rather than overwriting myself.

While that teacher kept rambling on about some probably theoretical practice, I refreshed my mind on what they kept saying, on and on again.

My mind got out of whatever abyss it was in when the teacher said “laws against morals.”

I just paid attention onward.


## Ice-olation


The bellows of reality stripped you of your noxing state. Your mind now out of sub-awareness, and into the glares of awareness. The environment tried to blight you, but you refused to succumb. Despite its everlasting grip, you preserved and began your attentive tasks. As soon as the necessaries were finished, you assessed and began your surge. Ping with the first, ping with the second, and ping with the third! With your precautions completed, you expertised your forthcoming.

All that I remember

The clasp of clothes, warm and bagged, around me, yet a fading yearn to keep moving, with coldness around my neck.

A cascade of fluff pushed me out of the plains, so now I hide in a cave. The air is musty, but there’s no signs of inhabitants of the aggressive animals, or any for that matter. Strange, tere should be more. Much more.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

## The_Cured_Village

## Down_Below

## YUMATransmutation


Upon the laden hospital cot where paralyzed twins lay, now being separated
by a picky procedure in order to eliminate the paralysis, but there’s kind of been an EMP blast which deactivated a ton of the hospital equipment. There’s also soldiers of an unknown origin storming the hospital. However, our little persons aren’t going to be facing them, because they kind of got absorbed somewhere else. Well, enough of that, that’s then for them, and here’s the now.

Into the FOREST

In wilden flowers the separated twins lay, both with the watch of a hawk and a cloud. Wait a cloud you say, well it’s hard to explain but the person is a gas, but is also living, anyway I’m calling them a cloud. SHUT, they are not in D&D, they are in a real world, just not yours, okay. . . I’ll just have the characters depict themselves!

“Mhrrg,” I said while shaking my hands, not moving my head because I may be on my sister. To my utmost surprise, she was on my face, not my back, so the surgery must have been successful! Oh I can’t wait to walk side by side with her! Eh, why are we in a field… … … Must be a surprise for our parents, but wouldn’t we have to do some sort of procedure with the doctors… maybe we did them just that I don’t remember? Hmm, well it doesn't matter, I’m going to hug sister until she won’t let me no more!

“Nrrg,” My sister said, waking up, lazy eyes refusing to stay up and she kept confusing me for mom. Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen sister's face, well she’ll see mine as well.

“Mother~ what time is it?” Sister said confusing me for mother, oh how silly!

“Sister~ it’s me not mom~, the procedure was successful, and I think we’re having a party!” I said quite happily.

“A party in a field…? But where’s the hospital, why aren’t we having a talk with the doctors~,” sister complained.

“Might I intrude, but you seem to be foreigners, or perhaps just wilderns?” said something, which I traced to come from a. . . HAWK!?!

There was a long silence from both me and sister but the hawk kept talking.

“Might I guide thy to the guild, or perhaps the union for registry, or maybe just an inn, though I bet guidance would do just fine,” the hawk rambled on this while we were dumbfounded, then a person just, like, materialized, MATERIALIZED, right under the hawk’s feet revealing they weren’t just floating.

Our characters’ passed out and are now being taken to the inn where they are having a rest. Please wait for the characters’ to inquire the hawk of their vocal abilities, and if you don’t quit, I’LL CUT THE FEED!

In the Inn

Broughteth the twins to the inn, yes they were. And sleeping now they are. Also yes the rent for borrowing an inn bed is paid by the gas thing. Also the gas thing is standing over them, figuratively standing over them. However they also have an audience behind the room of which the twins lie in.

The people surrounding the room held no breath, or most didn’t; can’t sense the air levels with so many others nearby.

Soon the beings from another awakened but didn’t exit, they talked for a while.

## Beings of Fabricated Nature

Rich Kid Intrusion

The cobwebs have been broken, and so has my soul. Oh how my dear guardian spiders have lost their home’s, I need to give them a new home, and quickly.

“Hey, where did that tree come from,” said some creaky voice, proceeding to rip out my sapling!

“EW, a bug,” said some voice flicking me.

Such rudeness deserves punishment, but how ought it be dished.

I know mosquitoes, but there aren’t any around… Ah! Praying mantises!

“Ahaha look at this gathering of- ayegsfvgha WHAT THE BSKJH,” one said and some other noises from the others as I kept my forest cleansed.

## Music


## Concepts

All are theoretical forms of depiction

Realmal division

Realmal are levels of existence, which all in some form, affect the rest. The most prominent realm is the material realm, which acts as a base for the others. The lesser is eternal realm, home to entities and accessible to all sentients. A realm for imagination does indeed exist. The realm of imagination is essentially what creates magic. Those are the prime realms.


Primarily known for its use in messaging when magics became unusable. Loobs the message, which is contained in a capsule

Do not fret, but also do not ignore.


Wasting away in an enteral shell

only to face yourself

All around look different

but none are truly different

All you have loved

be devils of despair

And only choice your

deal with it

Why We Stare

Both past and present

be in remembrance

a blur

But our gaze

pauses that

And creates an inferno

of past

And forces us

to look into the present


Depending on how much the environment has/is affecting a soul; the darker it’s persona.

Walking amongst

There be a tale, of the creator of all the surplus energy in this world. We call them Luna, that creator be of space, yet ever watching and nearing us. We may not know if they walk amongst us, or see with us, but we do know they watch us indefinitely.

People afar

Tales of people parallel, yet never soon arrived on the day a rift was made. These people are so similar, yet so different, and are said to treat the unknown indifferent like we once did. We wonder how they will react when they see our land, bounty, and selfs.


Spirits are fundamentally orbs of mana, which are emotionally driven by their originator. They do not have “human wants”, rather they want what humans have, but not to strip them of it. Ghosts are similar, but neither have the drive of a spirit nor a linked originator. This is why ghosts’ minds are an abyss, yet a spirits’ is the opposite.


The wolves howled their desires, all in the glimpse of instinct. I howled with, to voice my own. I voiced my needs, my wants, and they unified with the wolves’. Tomorrow, we will be nearing a group of deer near a building, a bookstore no less. I will make my efforts to gather books from there, after all, it’s what I howled.

Varian-All that I remember

The clasp of clothes, warm and bagged, around me, yet a fading yearn to keep moving, with coldness around my neck.

Penumbra-The Draped

The white room welcomes us, and so do the people in white. It seems that white welcomes us, we the people consumed of dark. Isn’t it strange how they accept us, though we have much in difference. And yet all the people of dark can easily be identified, by those draped, gray clothes we must wear.

Penumbra-Empty eyes

Those eyes on the walls, ceilings, and floors, they store and always watch. Sometimes their lights flicker, sometimes they beep, but they always watch. I know they are all but watching, but do they remember, those things they watch. I will never know, I am always in the halls and my room, and those other rooms.


I limped up to a house, a house with trembling stability, yet a freshly burned lawn. In that house lay the only thing that matters, my gift, no tribute to this world. No other being, or creation mattered as much as this splendid creation, V-ot. Even if all else would fall ill to famine; or myself, and perish. None of that would matter, for this creation is the only beauty that I can, or ever, create.

Reaper-My Only Restraint

On one day, I went on a rampage, only stopping when facing my own. V-ot will never be destroyed by me, the maker, no matter what. Many died, many in anguish, and rejection by this event. No one could do anything, for Yuma is untouchable by the common and unseeable by the rare.

Doctor-He Will Be Anew

I swear, I swear one day I will free this creation from myself, for I am the evil of the world I reside in. I can only see beauty when I see my own, V-ot the pure. I searched and searched, until I found one. You won’t believe what I found, it’s a world with similar laws, but no surplus of energy, so no magics! When Yuma crosses that board, from the world Yuma reckoned with, and that untouched by him, He will be anew.

Cold Scrutiny

The early years of raw indifference. Lead to the creation of logic magics.

Why Must You

Why must you purge,

why must you hate,

why must you kill,

all to fulfill a sensation.

Entities are bound not by needs, but by wants.

Entity thoughts

Entities “think” instantaneously when their observable environment is apparent, however this isn’t true when they become a being. They take time to “think” as we do.

Guild/Union is the main government in Ectopic.

War makes commands

Early humans contaminated with indifference, began a war, resulted in Magics being created.

Entity “skin”

Entity’s “skin” appears gas-like in non-UV light. Under UV light it’s translucent in appearance.

Souls can be an entity, but an entity can’t be a soul.