Team Race Curriculum


Look for opportunities to get to the course right of an advantaged opponent
Shout out a play call every quarter leg, every time you round a mark, and every time a position change happens
If you hear a play call, yell it back to let everyone know you heard it
Constantly practice your down speed boat handling
Understand your wind shadow on both the upwind and downwind
Know what each boats role is on each play
Be able to recognize ladder rungs while racing
Do whats best for the team
Ask for help, the quicker everyone realizes you are in trouble the better for the team
Sail your attacker toward your teammates


When to push/pull
Roles of each boat
Be able to lead/control to the right side of the course at Go
Last to enter the box
Think fleet race start
Look for an opportunity to put an opposing boat in your zone
2nd to enter the box
Be able to lead/control to the left side of the course at Go
1st to enter the box
Above all else make sure you are even, full speed, and on the line at Go
even if you destroy your pair off the line, if you are behind everyone else, it is not a good start

First Beat

Off the line look for opportunities to put someone in your zone
After someone is in your zone or you cant, the goal is to fleet race to the mark.
If you are an edge boat, make sure you are leading the opponent to the edge and covering them to the middle
Extend on the favored/lifted tack for a few seconds after a pair tacks ( even if that means letting them out of your zone)

Mark 1

Think 3 steps ahead on approach, ask if another boat on starboard can get to you, it is ok to overstand the port tack layline to give yourself room to duck
Never set a Mark 1 mark trap
Understand how to break a mark 1 mark trap

Windward Offset/Mark 2

Understand how to set and break a mark 2 mark trap


Understand how to set up your play around mark 2 based on your combination
Know when to balance
Proper balancing is throwing jabs, not going for the knockout blow
Know how to attack from behind
pass backs
double teams

Mark 3

Understand how to set and break mark 3 mark traps
This is where communication and awareness are the most important

Leeward Offset/Mark 4

Understand how to set and break a mark 4 mark trap

Second Beat

Understand how to set up your play around mark 4 based on your combo
If there is an opponent to be covered, mark sure they are in someones zone
Control the edges
Extend in the lifted/favored tacks and towards the finish line
Know when and how to balance upwind
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