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What is the Leadership AdvantEdge?

Here I'm going to briefly introduce you to the two key models that are the Leadership AdvantEdge: "" - for Individuals and the "" - for, you guessed it, Teams and Team Leaders. We'll also consider How we make Change Simple with the AdvantEdge Potential to Performance System. And, I'll share about our two assessment tools, the and . Lastly, about the EDGE coaching process.

For individuals: @

For Team and Team Leaders:

Team CSI (Collaboration Styles Indicator):

The AdvantEdge Potential to Performance System:

gAPPs Assessment:

EDGE Coaching Model:

Awesome. That’s about it. There’s some other stuff on our website and do check our my . It’s filled with useful leadership stuff including the TRIVIA (knowledge, ideas), TIPS (How to’s), TALES (Stories and case studies) and TROUBLES (obstacles, challenges and difficulties to be on the watch for).
Enjoy and be blessed.
John K

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