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Overview of the product

BIGVU is an AI-powered video marketing platform in which even people with zero tech background can create videos that build their brand and business. The video studio is packed with features like a Teleprompter, AI-powered scripting, AI Eye Contact correction, AI Voices, automatic captions, a social media scheduler, video messaging, live streaming, and more to help you create videos in no time.
The platform is available as an iOs and Android mobile app as well as a web platform. They each sync seamlessly with each other.

How the product works:

Generate a script: After a few short words from you, the BIGVU AI Scripts Writer will create a personalized video script to suit your specific business needs.
AI Rewrite 1-min.png
Record with confidence: Next, shoot your script to the advanced Teleprompter for a flawless presentation. No more rambling or memorizing scripts!
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Videos that grab attention: Enhance your videos with AI eye contact fix, automatic subtitles, and built-in editing tools, including WordTrim, AutoZoom, sequencer, overlays, branding, text, music, and graphics.
Share in one tap: AI creates the text for your post. Schedule or share instantly to social channels like TikTok, Instagram. Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube all at once.
Or- Create a video landing page and send it over email for an unforgettable impression.
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Key Features and Benefits:

AI Script Writer and Rewrite: Brainstorm and generate endless video scripts
AI Brand Voice: Let AI generate scripts that sound like you
Advanced Teleprompter: Face filters, Pause on silence, speed and text settings, green screen replacement
AI Eye Contact: AI will refocus your eyes in the final video so they are always looking directly at the camera.
Automatic Captions: Use designer themes, translate your captions, and choose custom colors
WordTrim: Trim your videos like editing a doc
Team Workspace: Create multiple workspaces to collaborate with various team members, while controlling permissions.
AI Caption Generator: Generate captions for your social media posts- hashtags included.
Social Media Scheduler: Plan and schedule your content across social platforms.
Video Landing Pages: Create instant landing pages for your videos for increased conversions
Social Media Dashboard: Track video engagement across all social platforms for increased efficiency.

Use Cases:

Internal Communication/HR: Create onboarding videos, training videos, news updates, and internal announcements. Easily translate your video for global communication.
Marketing Agencies: Collaborate with multiple clients on their video creation. Assign a workspace to each customer with their logo, dedicated media asset library and connected social media channels
Sales Teams: Send personalized videos over emails and direct messaging to get your prospect’s attention and address their unique needs.
Corporate Communications: Get your story picked up 10x faster by creating videos for press releases and thought leadership content
Coaches/ Business Owners: Create compelling talking head videos that establish your brand authority and connect with your clients
Educators: Unleash the power of education by sharing captivating content with or for your students
Content Creators: Speed up your creation process with a single centralized tool


Free Plan: Access core features with a BIVU watermark
Starter Plan: Remove the watermark and enjoy recordings up to 9 minutes in HD.
AI Pro: Enhance your brand with 4k recordings up to 59 minutes
Teams: Collaborative workspaces and permissions
For detailed pricing information, visit the .

Support and integrations

Intercom Chat Support, Free Zoom Coaching Calls, and Weekly group orientations.
Reviews and ratings
BIGVU has a rating of 4.7/5 stars on the Apple App Store
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BIGVU has a rating of 4.1/5 on the Google Play Store
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Screenshot by Dropbox Capture.png
BIGVU has a rating of 4.9/5 stars on Product Hunt
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and 4.4 stars on Capterra:
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Integrates with Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram for one-tap social media posting and analysis.

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