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Recruitment App - Guide for Randstad consultants


This Wiki provides information and guidance on the hiring process at Domin which is managed through the Recruitment Portal in AirTable.
We take hiring seriously as it is critical to our company growth that we hire great people whose values align with ours. We have carefully designed our process to objectively assess a candidate’s experience, skills and values.


Active Roles

Here you can see a list of all active roles within Domin along with who the Hiring Manager is.
FYI - Users in the ‘Supported’ field can see all details of the role excluding the salary.
You can access the full details of each role by clicking into it.
From here you can access the Job Description, Task and a Hiring Plan including timescales. There is also a list of Essential and Beneficial Requirements for the role. These will be automatically copied into each candidate record for that role for you to refer back to while you are conducting 1st stage interviews.
Please set the Consultant who will be responsible for the role. This is the only field that you will edit on this page.

Adding Candidates to the Portal

Please use this form to add potential candidates to the recruitment portal.
Consultancy will be auto-populated. Candidate Name, Job Role and CV are required fields. Select the job role from the list of all active roles.

Conducting Stage 1 Interviews

When you have added your candidates, you will see them against the corresponding role in the Stage 1 [Randstad] page of the Recruitment app.
Click into the candidate.
Add any notes from the CV screening review.
Enter the date and time of the 1st interview.
Complete the admin questions 1-11.
If you have any questions relating to a candidate’s Right to Work in the UK, please contact
Add a link to the candidate’s LinkedIn page if they have one.
Tick the checklist of the Essential and Beneficial Requirements against the candidate’s experience and skills.
Questions for Randstad to ask - these are questions set by the Hiring Manager and are specific to the role.
There is a section to complete for reasons to say Yes and No however, the process should be focused on finding reasons to say no. Keep asking yourself ‘can I find a reason to say no?’ and write this down.
Depending on the outcome of the 1st stage interview, please click the Reject or Proceed to Second Stage button to update the Hiring Manager.

Happy Recruiting! 😀

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