The Creators-Hub Mastermind Invite

Are you desiring Support, Accountability and Empowerment in a potent container with a tight-knit group of like-minded souls who are showing up to fully participate in life?


People that choose to “breathe deep” in life, fully taking what life offers and fully sharing their own unique gifts. Playing big while being of service. Life-long students who understand that it’s an infinite journey.


Professionally facilitated, focused weekly meetings which breathe new life in our ventures and inspire further impact.
An environment of rapid learning where we will be training various skills like:
giving and receiving feed-back and coaching from each other
developing EQ (emotional intelligence) to guide us
tapping into the field of possibilities via esoteric techniques


2 month commitment of 2-3 hour weekly in person gatherings on Sunday afternoons, starting February 5th. A maximum of 8 people total to create an intimate atmosphere.
No intoxicant use on the day prior to the meetings so everyone is clear headed and fully present.
Members can offer to host the meeting at their home, but group decides the most ideal meeting location.

Formal Agreement and Deposit

A formal signed agreement to show up fully and a $80 deposit that is returned at the end, as long as attended 75% of the weekly meetings, ensures a level of serious commitment.
Operating on a first-come-first-serve basis; we are accepting the first 8 people to sign the agreement and submit their deposit along with a brief essay answering “why do you want to be in this mastermind group and what do you hope to get out of it?”.
This invitation is private and only going out to a carefully handpicked group of people, although you can contact the organizers to suggest someone you think would be an ideal candidate.


We are hosting a special workshop prior to the start of this group in order to create a shared framework. We are drawing heavily from the work of Clinton Callahan and Possibility Management.

Group Communications

In between meetings we communicate through Slack, a professional messaging platform used by the world’s most effective teams, to stay engaged and continue discussions/ask for possibilities.
This also allows the group to stay in touch in a signal-over-noise type of environment after the formal commitment has ended. Slack can be used on desktops as well as browsers and mobile devices.


There is a certain amount of “homework” between meetings which arises naturally from the group process. The work should come as an authentic inspiration for the next step, something that we’ll be excited to do and commit to doing. One of the most helpful facets of the homework is deeper introspection through long-hand journaling each morning.

Be the Change

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey of stepping into versions of ourselves that we don’t even know are possible yet. This mastermind group is part of a much larger vision for the Creators-Hub Institute and Community where people have a chance to live this deeply on a daily basis and step into the highest versions of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.
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