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Personal Online Security

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Personal Online Security Checklist
What to do
Protect your computer by activating Antivirus.
Install free version of ClamAV or Business edition of .
Access Control
Protects your computer from limiting user permission and minimizing malware from installing.
Avoid logging in with an Admin account and limit your default user login to the highest access control setting.
The main concept is to protect you from yourself. If you accidentally fall into a phishing scam or download malware. It won't be able to install an application without the admin credentials since now you are using a regular user for your day to day activities with less permission.
Snapshot backups of your device.
Any external drive would do using 's free agent. Alternatively can buy a synology appliance and backup the whole household computers.
OS Patches
Keep your OS up to date with all the patches and updates.
Make sure to download and install the most recent OS & all the patches and fixes regularly. Turn on the automatic OS updates for all your devices.
PC Hardware Patches
Keep your computer's firmware up to date with all the patches and fixes.
Most branded computer models have a client software that can help with this. HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, etc.
Protect your online security when working outside of your trusted network(s) e.g. while traveling or going to a coffee shop.
Install VPN on devices you use. We recommend service for thi or mullvad.
Password Management
Store & access your online passwords only via password manager.
Setup & configure or
Emailing sensitive information
Try not to email logins over the email, but if you have to make sure to secure the email.
Within Gmail use the little to ensure the message cannot be copied / forwarded and that it will expire within a set amount of time.
Google Chrome Extensions
There are a lot of questionable extensions out there, even the ones that make it into the store. They can read and log the pages that you visit, and quite possibly take more malicious actions.
If you need to use extensions that you don't fully trust, and install all the extensions that you need for that Profile. Keep your main Profile where you check your email / social media free of those extensions. This is also useful if / when you want to separate your personal email / browsing from work / project related.
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