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Welcome to the Yellow Brick Road Accelerator intro doc. Below, you’ll find seven collapsible sections. These sections provide a step-by-step path to understanding the accelerator and how we can help your business.
For your convenience, we’ve made each section collapsible. To open the section, click on the arrow in the left-hand margin. To close the section, click on the same arrow. Happy reading! 🎉

1. Overview 👀

Your business is your passion and your livelihood. You want to help as many people as possible, increase revenue, and work fewer hours, but you’re essentially a 1-person show. Your to-do list is growing, overwhelm is setting in, and you’re starting to feel more like an employee than a business owner. While you’ve contemplated giving up, you are not alone. Most small and service-based businesses struggle to scale, 96% fail to reach the $1M revenue mark, but there is a path that can get you unstuck and allow your business to thrive.
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This is where Yellow Brick Road comes in! The YBR Accelerator creates a step-by-step roadmap so you can stop working in your business and start building towards your next milestone!

2. How YBR Accelerator Works 🤩

The root cause of stalled company growth comes back to one of the four KPIs (key performance indicators):
The Yellow Brick Road Accelerator helps you identify the specific changes and improvements required across these four KPIs to unlock your business's growth. From here, we can craft your accelerator experience based on our playbook.
The YBR Playbook 📘
Know your niche: Understand the problems you can solve for your clients, why you are uniquely positioned to solve these problems, and how you can differentiate yourself from competitors.
Know your customers: Nail product-market fit. Know your customers like the back of your hand to draw them in, keep them close, and build products and services that will positively impact them. This is the most critical skill you will develop as a business owner.
Understand your unit economics: Find out what you're really earning and how much you’re burning. Set smart goals and OKRs and work towards a more profitable and sustainable model.
Be accessible: Whether you're bending it like a yogi or coaching the next prodigy, growth sprouts when you're visible and vital to your tribe.
Engage & WOW: Keep your existing clients and alumni hooked, continue adding value, and open the floodgates for long-term growth.

3. The Accelerator Plan ⚙️

We'll focus on the most impactful activities to drive your business forward. We'll work with you every step of the way, giving you maximum visibility and control over the direction of our partnership.
Along the way, we’ll support you through:
Masterclasses on the 4 pillars
Project management (Objectives & Key Results progress tracking)
Weekly progress check-in calls
Unlimited async communications

4. The YBR Difference ⚖️

Yellow Brick Road: Your partners are founder-level team members and small business executives with deep experience in solving complex business-level problems, implementing repeatable systems, and onboarding junior employees, freelancers, or offshore talent to execute with minimal oversight on your behalf for $9,997 per quarter.

5. The Yellow Brick Road Team 💪

6. Featured Case Studies 🚀

Full-time Yogi:
$700,000+ Dog-trainer:

7. Book a 30-minute Consultation Call with Dina 🤙

It's time to kick things into high gear! If you're all in, let's dive into our first call. We’ll discuss the following:
This conversation will be a safe space to see if this partnership is a strong mutual fit. We intentionally keep our client list small and will only work with you if we can help your business grow. Ready to transform your business? Let's make it happen! 😊 🗓️

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